The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 66 Part 3


This is our last reading in the book of Isaiah! Isaiah 66:14-24

v14: Bones: The very essence of who they are. 

  • The hand of the L-RD shall be known to (literally: with) His servants: The power of G-d is going to be in us.

v15: Come with fire: Speaking of G-d’s judgment/wrath.

  • Whirlwind: Like a tornado or hurricane. A storm. 
  • To render His anger with fury, and His rebuke with flames of fire: This is G-d’s answer or response to the wickedness and injustice in this world. 

Verse 16: (Literally) “For with fire the L-RD will be judged and with His sword all flesh will be judged; And the slain of the L-RD shall be multiplied.”

For with fire the L-RD will be judged: This is the literal interpretation of this first part of this verse in Hebrew. It is written in the passive voice. Although the L-rd will judge with fire this is not what this verse is alluding to. The L-rd is going to manifest who He is to us (His identity) through His judgment, through His fire. When His fire begins to fall, we are going to recognise that it is Him. Through the fire of the L-rd, He is going to be understood. 

  • The slain of the L-RD shall be multiplied: Many, many people are going to be killed when G-d pours out His wrath in the last days.

v17: Note: The people respond to what G-d is doing, but not according to His thoughts. They respond according to their own thoughts and ways.

  • Sanctify themselves and purify themselves to go to the gardens: They attempt to purify themselves, but they do it by going to the wrong place (they go to the place where they want to be rather than to G-d. Messiah is the only one who can sanctify and make us pure). 
  • After an idol in the midst, eating swine’s flesh and the abomination and the mouse: They continue in their rebellion and worship inappropriately. 
  • Eating swine’s flesh: This is something to think about: This verse is set within a last day’s context – the time when G-d comes to establish His Kingdom on earth. Within this context G-d speaks against those who eat pork. 

v18: Tongues: Languages. 

  • My glory: G-d’s glory is going to be seen in His judgment. His judgment is glorious. 

v19: Sign: Something miraculous. Many scholars agree that this could be a Messianic sign. 

  • Them who escape: Refugees
  • I will send to the nations: This verse shows us the graciousness of G-d. Although the time of the Gentiles has reached its fullness G-d is giving the Gentiles a last opportunity to turn to Him. A remnant of the nations will turn to G-d even during this time of His wrath – the wrath of the Lamb (Rev 6:16). 
  • Javan: Greece or Europe. 
  • They shall declare My glory among the Gentiles: Yeshua has returned and revealed Himself to the Jewish people (a ‘sign’). The 1/3rd remnant that are left have believed in Him (Zech 12:10-14). This Jewish remnant is then allowed to fulfil the call that G-d called the Jewish people for – to be a blessing to the nations (Gen 12:3). G-d is allowing a final revelation of Himself to the Gentiles in this epoch. A remnant of the nations will be saved during this time of wrath. 

v20: Your brethren: The emphasis of this text is not the nations but is on Israel. G-d does what He does among the nations at this time so that those Jews who are still in exile can be brought back. 

  • My holy mountain Jerusalem: At the time of the end G-d still sees Jerusalem as His holy mountain – the place/seat of His authority. Jerusalem is going to go through a time of abundant corruption but nevertheless G-d is going to purify, sanctify and transform her. For 1000 years Messiah’s Kingdom reign shall be out of Jerusalem. 
  • Bring an offering: The response of the nations and of the Jewish people at this time is going to be a desire to worship. People are going to travel to Jerusalem and bring gifts into her (Zech 14:16-21). 
  • Clean: Pure

v21: Them: Some of the Jewish people who had been in exile. 

Note: This is another verse that clues us in to the fact that this is speaking of the Millennial Kingdom and not the New Jerusalem. In the Millennial Kingdom there will be a Levitical priesthood. In the New Jerusalem there is no temple and therefore no need for a priesthood.  

v22: The new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before Me: There is permanency. 

  • So shall your descendants and your name remain: Permanency. Eternal salvation. 
  • Name: Character.

v23: Note: This verse speaks about millennial worship.

  • One New Moon to another: Month to month. 
  • One Sabbath to another: Week by week

v24: NoteThis verse tells us what is going to happen to those who are born in the millennial kingdom who refuse to submit to the Rulership and L-rdship of Messiah. These people did not respond to the Word of G-d. They did not want a Kingdom experience but sought to establish things according to their own thoughts and ways. 

  • They shall go forth and look: Those who go up to Jerusalem week by week and month by month to worship are going to have a visual reminder of what happens to those who do not submit to Messiah. 
  • Their worm does not die: There is eternal punishment for those who transgress or reject the Word of G-d.
  • Fire: Torment. 

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