The Book of Jude Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 1

From the prophets we know that difficult times are coming. Yeshua taught us (Luke 21:28) that when we see these things starting to take place (read Luke 21:7-36 to find out what these things are) we need to lift up our heads (an idiom for “take courage”) because our redemption is close at hand. This redemption is referring to the Kingdom of G-d, in its fullness,  being established on earth. We need to realise that the transition, from the world as we know it into the Kingdom to come, is going to be a difficult one (in many places the Scripture compares it to a woman in labour. She endures the pain and “tribulation” because of the joy of what is on the other side of the pain) We are moving into perilous times, and we need to share the only message that can bring hope to this world. We need to be people who contend for truth and for the faith.  
Jude is from the Hebrew name “Yehuda”(Judah) which means “praise”. [see Psalm 149:5-9 (esp verse 6)]. The enemy hates it when we praise G-d. As an end time people, it is vital that high praise is found on our lips, and a two edged sword (the Word of G-d, Heb 4:12)  in our hands.  
For this study, all commentary will be based on the NKJV. It would be really helpful to familiarise yourself with Jude by reading through the entire chapter. We are, however, only going to look at Jude 1:1-2 in depth today. 
v1: Jude…James: According to tradition, James and Jude were Yeshua’s half-brothers, Mary being the mother of all three  (Gal 1:19, Matt 12:46-50, Mark 6:3) 
·       A servant: By introducing himself as a servant of Yeshua, Jude reveals to us that he saw his relationship with Yeshua (his half-brother) as vastly different to the relationship he had with James. The Hebrew name for James is Yaakov (Jacob).  
·       To those who are called: This book is written to those who have responded to G-d’s call for salvation, as well as to His call for service.  We are called for a purpose – to serve (those who are committed to the will of G-d demonstrate that they are His disciples).
·       Sanctified: Throughout Scripture, we see a relationship between being called and sanctification. Once we have responded to G-d’s call, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us.  He works in our lives (in a mighty way) and brings about change, sanctification. As the Holy Spirit works in our lives, we begin to see things from G-d’s perspective and thereby we become ready and able to truly serve G-d in the way that pleases Him.  
·       Preserved: Kept. This word is written in the perfect tense in the Greek.  This means it was true in the past, it is true right now and it will be true for eternity.   
v2: Mercy: Absolutely nothing in our lives will be pleasing to G-d until we become recipients of His mercy.  Through the gospel we receive His mercy and enter into a covenantal relationship with Him.  Mercy is not just something we received once off, but it is something we receive daily (Lam 3:22-23)
·       Peace: Biblically peace can be defined as the outcome of G-d’s will and purpose being fulfilled in our lives. When we are at peace with G-d, when we obey the Word of G-d, the result will be peace in our lives (Is 26:3). We can only have peace with G-d once we have received His mercy. 
·       (Love) Be multiplied: The word for “be multiplied” is written in the singular which tells us that it is not referring to the multiplication of the mercy and peace (those are given in their full measure) but is in fact referring to the multiplication of love in our lives.  It is only through the mercy of G-d that we find ourselves in the will of G-d (at peace) and only at that point will the love of G-d be multiplied in our lives.  Many people are frustrated, confused, or don’t recognise Biblical truth. The reason for this is because G-d is not mediating His love into their lives because they are in disobedience. When we experience the love of G-d it brings about positive change in our lives. G-d’s love is powerful and transforms us.  As we experience this kind of love it is going to be multiplied to us. 

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