The Book of Jude Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 4

We go on to Jude 1:12-15
v12: These: Those who have the same character and thinking as Cain, Balaam and Korah. 
·       Love feasts: The word “feasts” is not in the original text.  It is simply “your loves”. Most scholars agree, though, that it spoke of a time of fellowship that believers shared, among themselves, for the purpose of worship as well as to encourage each other.  
·       Without fear: They have no reverence or sensitivity to the holiness of G-d. This causes them to reject and deny G-d’s ultimate and absolute authority. 
·       Serving only themselves: They serve/feed only themselves – they are not at these feasts to edify, strengthen or encourage others. They are there to serve their own purposes. 
·       Clouds without water: In Jewish culture (particularly), rain is seen as a blessing from G-d.  These people give a false impression. They present themselves as clouds, but they are dry – no blessing is found in them. They do not have the ability to bless others, because they are not interested in being a blessing (Gen 12:3)
·       Winds: This wind has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. They are carried along by the natural “winds” of life. 
·       Autumn Trees: Autumn trees don’t produce a harvest. These people have no fruit in their lives. 
·       Twice dead: Jude is emphasising that they have absolutely no life in them. There is nothing in them in regard to G-d’s purposes. G-d is the G-d of the living – not the G-d of the dead (Mk 12:26-27)
·       Pulled up by the roots: No roots =no stability in their lives. It is easy for them to be tossed to and fro. 
v13: Raging waves: Waves (Scripturally) are oftentimes related to the glory and presence of G-d (Ps 42:7, Ps 93:3-4). Here we see something different. G-d has given people life, but they have misappropriated it. They have chosen to live rebelliously – “raging”.
·       Wandering stars: In Gen 1:14-16 we see that stars were created to serve for signs and seasons. In other words, the stars provided revelation and guided people.  Wandering or deceiving stars do not lead others to the revelation of G-d. They have an unrighteous, ungodly, unholy testimony. 
·       Blackness of darkness: See darkness commentary from Jude 1:6  
v14: Behold the L-rd comes with ten thousand of His saints:  This quotation comes from the apocryphal book called “Enoch”. It was a book which was not included in the canon when the council met to decide which books made up the Bible and which didn’t. 
·       Behold: This is a word used to gain our attention. Bible prophecy should ALWAYS gain our attention. We need to be people who study prophecy. 
·       The L-rd comes: The event Enoch spoke about here is not referring to the rapture – this is referring to Yeshua’s second coming, when He comes to judge the earth (Rev 19:11-16)
Note: The church is not in heaven separated from Yeshua during His millennial reign on earth. The millennial Kingdom is not only for Israel. This is a false teaching. The church is going to rule and reign with Yeshua at this time (John 14:3, Rev 2:26-27, 2 Tim 2:12, Rev 20:4-6)
v15: Execute judgment: This is what the L-rd, Yeshua, is going to do. 
·       All…ungodly: Both “all” and “ungodly” are each emphasised four times in this one verse.  
·       Convict all: Yeshua is the Judge and He is going to expose ungodliness. He rewards good and punishes evil.  
·       Ungodly: Those things/people who are in opposition to the Kingdom of G-d.  
·       Ungodly sinners: Sinners pursue that which is ungodly. They don’t do this out of ignorance (Ps 14:1). A fool is someone who speaks rebelliously against what he knows. 

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