The Book of Jude Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 5

We read another short portion today: Jude 1:16-19
v16: This verse focuses on the ungodly – those who walk in rebellion. In these last days we are called to live in a different way to the way people live in this world. Often, this may mean that we are going to need to stand alone.  
·       Murmurers: People who grumble.  
·       Great swelling words: They flatter others excessively, over the top.  
·       To gain advantage: They flatter people in order to take advantage or profit from them. They don’t speak in a way to encourage, but they attempt to manipulate with their words for personal gain.
v17: But you: This shows a contrast. We are called to behave in a different way to those in the world.  
·       Remember: Be mindful of. When we talk about the Word to others it helps us to recall what has been said, and it helps us to remember. 
·       Our L-rd: We need to approach the Word with an attitude of submissiveness, desiring to be taught, and wanting to be conformed to G-d’s revelation. 
v18: Mockers: Scoffers. People who approach the things of G-d in a very frivolous (not serious) way.  
·       Last time: End times/last day
·       Ungodly lusts: Walking in rebellion (repeatedly emphasised). They place no value on what is precious to G-d.  
v19: Cause divisions: These people not only cause division in the church, but they are also divided within themselves. One day this, another day that. They are unstable and do not have the right foundation or strength to build themselves up in their faith (see verse 20)
Not having the Spirit: They do not have the Spirit – this means that they are not disciples. 

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