The Book of Jude Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 6

We finish off our last section in Jude: Jude 1:20-25
v20: BUT YOU: We are called to think and behave differently to the natural man (in Messiah we become a “new creation” – the old is gone! 2 Cor 5:17)
·       Building yourselves up on your most holy faith: The natural (“old”) man bases everything he does upon his senses.  We base our lives (by faith) on the truth of G-d.  
·       Praying: Faith leads to prayer. Faith causes us to recognise our dependence upon G-d. It  teaches us to trust, depend and rely on Him
v21: Looking for the mercy: The mercy of Yeshua produces within us eternal life. 
·       Eternal life: Kingdom life. This is a life we are called to live right now. It isn’t only given to us when we die. 
v22: This verse speaks about how we need to administer our lives in regard to others. We need to be merciful, but we also need to be able to exercise discernment. 
v23: But others: The same distinction or discernment (from v22) needs to be made (some people need to be shown mercy, other people need to be snatched from the fire – our relationship with others is not like a cookie cutter – we need to discern the situations of people and act accordingly. Example: a doctor can’t treat flu patients in the same way that he treats cancer patients. He has to make distinctions and treat accordingly).  
·       Save with fear: The word used for “save” here is the same word used in 1 Thess 4:17 to describe the rapture. It is a snatching up (a catching up) that needs to be done very rapidly.  At the rapture the believers experience a change of location. If we save people from the fire, they too experience a change in location.  
·       The garment: A garment, Scripturally, is often a synonym for deeds (Rev 19:8). We need to hate deeds defiled or stained by the flesh (ie sin). We do not hate the sinner, but we hate what they do.  
v24: Him: The L-rd.
·       Keep you: What an encouraging truth!  Once we enter into a covenant relationship with G-d, through Yeshua (Jer 31:31-34), we will not fall away from Him. This is a promise that does not depend on us but on Him! (see also John 10:28-30. We are held in Yeshua’s hand as well as in the Father’s hand. Absolute security in this double hold!)
v25: G-d our Saviour: This is referring to Yeshua. Because of Yeshua we can stand before G-d’s glory -blameless and with great joy – FOREVER!

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