The Book of Malachi Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 1

Let’s read Malachi 4:1-3
When we understand G-d’s judgment from a Biblical perspective (how the prophets reveal it) we are going to understand that good things come about because of it. Through G-d’s judgment we are going to experience victory! One of the outcomes of G-d’s judgment is that He sets things into His order. Another outcome is that He is going to completely remove evil from this world through His perfect judgment. And yet another outcome of G-d’s judgment is that it brings G-d’s family into unity. If we understand that this is the purpose of G-d’s judgment, then we are going to be encouraged by it. When the angels, who have a heavenly perspective, see G-d’s judgement being poured out in the book of Revelation, it leads them to praise and worship G-d. It leads them to give thanks to G-d for His righteous judgment. This should also be our response to judgment, as this is the right response. 
v1: Behold: A word that reminds us to pay attention to what is being said, as what is to follow is very significant. 
·      The day: Biblically this is also a very important phrase. It is speaking about a very specific day, a very specific period of time, that ushers in the wrath of G-d. 
·      Burning like an oven: Just like fire consumes, so too is G-d’s wrath going to consume. Through His judgment the enemy, and everything related to the enemy’s work, is going to be burnt up or consumed – it’s going to be done away with.
·      All who do wickedly: This is speaking of wilful rebellion. These people do not sin accidently. They know that what they are doing is wrong and against G-d’s will, but they choose to do it anyway. 
·      Stubble: Straw. 1 Cor 3:12-13
·      Burn them up: When straw or hay is added to a fire it is consumed immediately. G-d is saying that through that day that’s coming these wicked ones are going to be consumed like straw in a fire. 
·      Says the L-rd of hosts: This is a phrase that tells us that this is a promise from G-d. What G-d has said will happen will happen. 
·      Leave them neither root nor branch: There will be no hope of any recovery – there will be nothing to salvage. No remnant. They are going to be totally and utterly consumed. 
v2: You who fear My Name: Referring to those who give priority to the character of G-d. These people realise that G-d’s character is good, right, Holy and perfect and therefore they bow in His presence – submitting to and obeying Him.
·      The Sun of Righteousness shall arise: G-d’s righteousness is going to shine brightly upon them. They are going to be revealed, highlighted, as those who have given G-d priority in their lives. 
·      Wings: This word for ‘wing’ is the same word that is used to refer to one of the corners found on the four-cornered garment in Numbers 15:38. This garment (specifically the threads found on these corners – or ‘wings’, as it is translated here) was a reminder to the children of Israel about the commandments of the L-rd. Righteousness is related to the commandments. The commandments don’t make us righteous, but they teach us what righteousness is. A violation of these commandments teach us what unrighteousness is. 
·      Healing in His wings: Healing comes through an agreement with the purposes of G-d, the righteousness of G-d. We are going to be healed for the purpose of obedience – that we are going to reflect the righteousness of G-d as we obey His Word. 
·      Grow fat: This is a word that means multiplying or that which is increasing. 
·      Stall-fed: They are going to be in a prize location, a good location. A stall is a place where the animals are safe and well fed. It is in this place that the animals do not have to be concerned about anything as they are completely provided for. Provision is one of the outcomes of the judgment of G-d for those who are His. 
v3: They shall be ashes: The wicked are going to be utterly defeated. They are not only going to be trampled upon, but they are going to be completely humiliated because of their wickedness and rebellion toward G-d. They did not give G-d priority in their lives. 
·      Says the L-rd: G-d is making a promise. This is a certain or sure thing that is going to happen. 

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