The Book of Malachi Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

Our last reading in Malachi is from Malachi 4:4-6
v4: Remember: This is another very important word Biblically and it is a word related to covenant. 
·      Remember the Law of Moses: This is set within a last day’s context so should be viewed in light of the same.
·      Horeb: Mount Sinai. This is not only the same place where the law was given, but it is also the same place where G-d first appeared to Moses in the burning bush (Ex 3:1,12 and Ex 33:6, Deut 5). Although the bush was burning it was not consumed. Likewise, in the midst of G-d’s judgement He can preserve those whom He wants to preserve (The children of Israel, those who have not believed in Yeshua and therefore will not have been raptured, will be on the earth at the time of the wrath of G-d, but a remnant of them will be sealed so that no harm will come to them through that time called ‘Jacob’s trouble’- see Rev 7:1-8, Roms 9:27-28, Roms 11:26-27 etc). 1 Thessalonians 5:9 tells us that believers have not been appointed for wrath. When the wrath of G-d falls on this world those of us who believe are not going to be part of it as we will be removed (raptured) before it falls. Tribulation and the wrath of G-d are not the same thing (the source of tribulation is satan, the source of the wrath of G-d is G-d Himself). Believers WILL go through tribulation before they are raptured, and it is through this tribulation that we have been called to overcome (Revelation 2 and 3)
·      Statutes: These are G-d’s law. 
·      Judgments: This is the putting into practice (the doing) of G-d’s law. Spiritual maturity is agreeing with G-d, and responding to Him, in order to carry out His will (establishing His righteous order). When we execute true justice (Micah 6:8) it means that we have a righteous influence in this world. 
v5: Behold: A word of significance that calls for us to pay attention.
·      Dreadful: Terrible. This word can also mean ‘awesome’. For those who are in covenant with G-d it is going to be an awesome, a glorious, day. G-d is going to bring about a wonderful change in this world as He comes to establish His Kingdom prior to the 1000-year reign of Messiah. For those who have rejected G-d and who have not experienced redemption it will be a terrible and dreadful day – as it will mark the beginning of their eternal torment. 
v6: He: Elijah. Elijah has an important ministry or role to play in the end times. Before the final outpouring of G-d’s wrath on the world, G-d, through Elijah’s ministry, is going to do a work of reconciliation (G-d’s order, unity) within the families in Israel. This means that the parents and the children will have the same perspective or way (based on Scriptural truth) of looking at things. Two generations will be brought into agreement with G-d. It is only when we agree with G-d that we can brought into agreement with others. 
Note: It is also around this time that reconciliation between G-d and the 1/3rd remnant of Israel will be brought about –  Zechariah 13:8-9 (For those of us who have accepted Messiah this work of reconciliation between us and G-d has already been done). 
·      Hearts: Related to our thoughts (Prov 23:7). 
·      Turn (a word of restoration) the hearts of the fathers to the children: The fathers are not going to think based upon their one’s desires (what’s good for themselves) but they’re going to begin to think sacrificially – they are going to be more concerned about their sons and daughters than about themselves. When we are submissive and committed to obeying G-d’s law, not only can we expect reconciliation and restoration between G-d and man, through the gospel of Messiah, but we can also expect reconciliation and restoration between one generation and another. 
·      Children: Sons and daughters
·      Fathers: Inclusive term referring to fathers and mothers. 
·      Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse: Reconciliation through the Word of G-d and through agreeing with G-d is going to shield people from G-d’s wrath. 
·      Curse: Total devastation. 

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