The Book of Nahum Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Our next portion is Nahum 2:8-13

v8: A pool of water: In the Scripture, water refers to a great multitude of people (Rev 17:15). One cannot hold onto water. It flows through your fingers – you cannot stop water from going where it wants to go to. Nineveh’s defeat was sure. She could not respond. She was going to go into exile. 

v9: No end of treasure: There was a vast amount of treasure in Nineveh. Nineveh was going to be plundered by the enemy. All her choice vessels were taken, and she was left empty handed.

v10: Assyria is going to be shocked by the power of the enemy. Some scholars say that Assyria represented the largest of the ancient empires, with a very large land mass.

  • Drained of colour: Describing death. 

v11: Lions: Lions are synonymous with pride and intimidation. There would be no more strong men (like lions with strong power) left in Assyria or Nineveh. 

  • Young lions: Young lions show strength. In Nineveh even the youngest of the virile lions (not the cubs, the early adult lions) were not going to be able to survive. Assyria was going to come to an end – to the point where there would be no one left to be scared. 

v12: Because the lions (strong men/males) are no more there will no longer be any provision for the lioness and cubs – the women and children. 

v13: Assyria was famous for sending out its messengers (2 Kings 18 and 19) The messengers were well versed in many languages, and they would harass their enemies in their own native tongues. Their aim was to scare the people into surrendering so that a battle would not need to take place. G-d put an end to the messengers of Nineveh. 

G-d is faithful to judge. Those who are wise enough to enter into a covenant relationship with Him may experience His discipline (and this discipline may be harsh) but it is rooted in His love. His consuming wrath and judgement are rooted in His hatred of those who reject Him, reject His truth and violate His plans and purposes. 

The Holiness and righteousness of G-d, to accomplish His purposes and His will, are going to be seen by all – those who are justified as well as those who are condemned. All are going to see the righteousness of G-d’s Word being established in His creation.

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