The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 1

Psalm 1

The greatest privilege we have is to be able to praise and worship G-d – at all times and in all circumstances. If this is not our perspective, then we have a spiritual shortcoming in our lives. The Book of Psalms is foundational for worship. It teaches us how to praise G-d and how to live a praiseworthy life. ‘Psalms’ literally mean “praises”. We have been created and saved to worship G-d – in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24). If we remain steadfast in worshiping G-d, as He demands to be worshipped, then we will look back at our lives, from an eternal perspective, and are going to be exceedingly pleased. No one who has lived a life of worshipping, glorifying, G-d will ever regret it! I am commenting out of the NKJV Bible.

v1: Blessed: This is the same word Yeshua used in the giving of the Beatitudes (Matt 5:3-12). Being ‘blessed’ is only applicable to individuals who meet specific criteria or conditions (This is clearly seen in the Beatitudes).

· THE man: This is not just any man (or woman. ‘Man’ is an inclusive term in this context).

· Walks: Biblically a ‘walk’ is related to a lifestyle – a way of life.

· Counsel: Many people do not seek counsel from G-dly counsellors. This verse warns us not to walk (live) in a way that embraces wickedness.

· Stands: The place where we stand (our position) is our location, our GPS so to speak. Wrong counsel is going to cause us to be positioned on the wrong path – the path of sin. On this path we won’t be filled with joy and nor will we receive G-d’s blessings.

· Sit in a seat: Our comfortable place. When we have walked down a path of sin we will be comfortable in the presence of those who do not take the things of G-d seriously.

Note: We are not saved by what we do, but a natural fruit of salvation is to behave (walk, stand or sit) in a way that is pleasing to G-d.

v2: But – this is a contrast word. In v1 we are told how not to live. This verse shows us the desired way to live.

· Delight: A strong and intense desire.

· The law: The law reveals to us what is pleasing to G-d. The Old and New Testament are full of laws. As NT believers, desiring to please G-d, we have the Holy Spirit to help us to obey the laws. The difference between us and those who lived in the OT times is that we are now free from the curse of the law – thanks to Yeshua’s sacrifice.

· Meditates: A word of pondering/thinking long and hard about something. Letting our minds dwell on it.

· Day and night: Full time commitment to the law/instruction of the L-rd. The emphasis of our lives, if we want them to be blessed, is in uncovering the instruction, the wisdom, the truth of G-d.

v3: Planted by the rivers: This is where a tree needs to be. If a tree doesn’t have a good source of water it’s not going to be a healthy tree. G-d plants those who desire to live in a way pleasing to Him in the right location – a place where they can be recipients of the provision of G-d.

· Fruit: When we live in the place of G-d’s provisions our lives will (super)naturally produce fruit (good works – not as a means of salvation, but as evidence of it).

· In its season: At the appropriate/right time.

· Prosper: Succeed. True success is accomplishing the purposes/will of G-d (living in a way to produce fruit so that others can see our good works and glorify G-d – Matt 5:16, 1 Pt 2:12) Success has nothing to do with our bank account.

v4: Not so: Another contrast.

· Chaff: Chaff is useless. The ungodly do not produce the grain (the fruit) but they produce the waste product that is thrown away or burnt. What do our lives produce? Are we producing fruit and being a blessing, a nourishment, in the lives of others, or are all our efforts “blown away by the wind”?

· Wind: Wind is a picture of instability. Those who are ungodly live unstable lives. They do not have the Anchor which keeps them in the right location.

v5: Not stand: When the ungodly sinners are judged they are going to fall/fail and will be condemned eternally.

v6: The L-rd knows: This verse speaks about the omniscience of G-d. He knows all things. G-d never disconnects Himself from the righteous one.

· Perish: Will be destroyed.

Are you on the way of the righteous, or on the way of the wicked? Are you living under G-d’s providential supervision, or are you on a pathway that leads to eternal destruction?

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