The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 12

Psalm 12

In our last study for this week, we have a very practical teaching from David. He relays to us that the world that we live in is one that is full of corruption. As followers of the G-d of Israel and believers in Messiah Yeshua we need to realize that there is going to be even more corruption as we draw closer to the end of this age. Fewer and fewer individuals are going to be rooted in the truth of G-d. This should not discourage us, but should serve as a prophetic indicator that we are approaching this very difficult transition time – transitioning from this age into the age of the Kingdom of G-d.

v1: The first word used here (translated “help”) is the word “hoshia” and is the same Hebrew word that the name “Yeshua” comes from – Salvation. David is petitioning G-d for salvation. This word is written in the form of a command or petition.

· G-dly (gracious) man ceases – David is saying that as he looks out into the world he doesn’t see a gracious individual – one that’s rooted and behaves according to the kindness and steadfast love of G-d. They all seem to be gone.

· Disappear – no one remains, they are no more.

v2: The testimony of those who remain in the world is that they speak about things that are idle – empty, things that have no lasting significance or future. If we follow the enemy’s (satans) influence and walk in submission to the ways of this world then we are going to find that we are left with nothing.

· With his neighbour – rather than loving their neighbours and being a G-dly influence and blessing in their lives they speak meaningless words to each other.

· Flattering lips – smooth talk (like a salesman trying to get you to do what they want you to do rather than to do what’s best for you).

· Double heart – they’re trying to speak like they know you very personally, intimately. Like you’re their best friend, but the whole point is for the purpose of deception. They are not sincere.

v3: Cut off – this means that the people who do this will have no access to G-d and His blessings.

· Proud things – great things (YOUR destiny, YOUR will etc with little/no thought of G-d’s will or plans) The enemy wants us to believe in the things that are pleasing to our flesh.

v4: Notice how the Scripture unfolds: Here we see the prideful things that they speak about.

· With our tongue we will prevail: They think that through their words they are going to experience victory/ overcome. We need to be very careful what we say with our tongues. Declaring, decreeing, releasing this and that over people may make you feel good but is not Biblically sound. We need to proclaim Scripture – not use it in order manipulate our situations or others. We have to be very careful with our language.

· Our lips are our own – meaning: we’re in control of our words and what WE say will be.

· Who is L-rd? – they want to be in control.

v5: Oppression – plunder, a word of robbery.

· Sighing – groanings

· Poor and needy = those who are destitute.

Note: These people’s words enslave people even further (eg like the word faith, money preacher kind of people)

· In this verse we see that G-d gets involved. The word translated “safety” here has that same root as the word for “help” – salvation. G-d rises/acts to save those who yearn for salvation, victory and deliverance. G-d saves us so that we can live righteously – this is a very important principle and is elementary in our faith.

v6: The L-rd’s words are pure (like refined silver). There is a connection between purity and power. Purity produces the situation in our lives where G-d will release power and blessings. He will position us (when we are in the state of purity) so that we can be a recipient of His provision so that His will can be done. When His will is done by us the outcome is blessing.

· The number seven relates to holiness, which is also related to the purpose of G-d.

v7: Keep – guard, watch over. Those who desire salvation, righteousness, purity are going to be guarded in this generation. They are going to be watched over and kept!

v8: Prowl – it’s simply the word for walking back and forth in Hebrew. In these last days wickedness and evil are going to appear to dominate this world.

· Vileness – same word as greedy or one who is gluttonous (all about themselves).

Note: Our wills, our wants, our desires, our dreams etc need to be nailed to the cross. In the garden of Gethsemane Yeshua said “Not MY will” and He went on to say that it was G-d’s will (“but YOUR will be done) that He wanted to do. It is only when we are committed to G-d’s will (fulfilling His desire for our lives and not our own) that we are going to be able to understand and commit ourselves to His ways – which are so much higher than ours (Is 55:8-9)

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