The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 14

Psalm 14

Every human being believes in G-d. People become defiant against G-d, and may even say that they are atheists, but that doesn’t mean they do not believe in G-d in their innermost being. It is for their own convenience that someone would deny the existence of G-d.

v1: When the Bible calls someone a fool it is not speaking about someone with a lack of intelligence. A person is foolish if they know something that is true but they refuse to respond to it.

· In his heart – he convinces himself (publicly and privately) in his thoughts that there is no G-d. Why? He wants to continue living in his own way, which is…

· Corrupt – ie wrong living

· Abominable deeds – not in line with the truth or commandments of G-d.

· Do not do good – good = the will of G-d.

Note: If there was no G-d there would be no concept of right and wrong. Everyone could follow their own truth. However, G-d is in the picture and so there is only ONE truth! It is this truth (righteousness and justice) that we will all have to submit to.

v2: We see G-d’s response

· This word “looks” is a word for a very in-depth look. G-d gets to the heart of how people think.

· ‘Understand’ is a word that speaks about common sense. G-d looks to see if anyone is utilising their natural, G-d given, intelligence. This common sense has been given to human beings, by G-d, in order that they can function and move towards a greater understanding of the truth of G-d (in order that they can seek G-d. It is when we seek G-d that we are going to find Him – Jer 29:13)

· The word for “seek” here is an intense word in the Hebrew. It is a word that is very close to being demanding. It shows a strong desire – even a desperation.

· There is a change in the name of G-d at the end of this verse (‘L-rd’ – Yahweh -in the beginning and Elohim at the end) Elohim is the name of G-d that reminds us that He is our judge.

v3: This is the norm for the vast majority of people.

· The corruption spoken of here is associated with decay – man is in a state of moral decay. This is going on in our society today in a rapid way. People are becoming more and more corrupt in their actions. This all begins with how they’re thinking. Thoughts become action.

v4: Workers of iniquity – that’s what we are when we deny G-d.

· Eat up my people – When we love G-d that love manifests itself with love of neighbours. We will want to be a blessing to others. When we are not under the authority of Scripture we devour/exploit/use others for our own purposes and will.

· ‘Eating bread’ – this is something we don’t even think about doing. It is something that comes naturally to us. This behaviour of devouring or exploiting others is as natural as eating food to these people.

· (They) do not call – they are not interested in G-d and nothing in their life reflects Him.

v5: When we become selfish it leads to a form of paranoia (“great fear”). When we exploit others we will fear that others would do the same to us – exploit us. “Pay day” is coming and things are going to be set in order. Deep down, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, people know that judgement is coming. Because of this, these people do not have peace or contentment in their lives. Selfishness robs them of joy.

· G-d = Elohim = righteous judge.

· ‘The generation of the righteous’ is an idiom for the generation that G-d judges.

v6: ‘You’ i.e. the wicked ones

· Counsel – instruction.

· Poor – afflicted one. Those who live to please themselves think the afflicted ones/poor etc have no worth/value and they reject the instruction/wisdom that has been given to them by G-d.

· L-rd is his refuge – G-d will be a safe place to the one who embraces and implements His counsel.

v7: This verse is a statement of encouragement. Not only is judgment coming, not only will G-d be a refuge for those who trust in Him, but the establishment of the Kingdom of G-d is also coming (He is going to put things in order).

· Zion is a kingdom word. It relates to Jerusalem in physical location but not in spiritual condition. Zion is the redeemed state of Jerusalem. In the last days Jerusalem is going to be like Sodom and Egypt (Rev 11:8), but through redemption Jerusalem is going to be transformed. This transformed city will be known as Zion.

· L-rd brings back the captivity – when He returns the exiled people back to the land (Israel). This has been happening since 1948 – after 2000 years of exile! This is of great prophetic significance.

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