The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 16

Psalm 16

This book of Psalms is applicable for our lives in every circumstance and situation we find ourselves in.

The inscription starts with a unique term that we have not encountered up to this point in the Psalms. Most English Bibles leave it untranslated. Michtam is a word that relates to a fine gold –

a gold that is superior to typical or normal gold. A hideous stain on a white t-shirt stands out – it is very noticeably different. That is how this gold is – it is so excellent that it stands out – it stands apart. This is a psalm that stands out from the other psalms. It is a gem among the Psalms.

v1: Preserve – Guard, keep, watch over. When we live under the authority of G-d (put our trust in Him) we can expect His supervision, rely on His refuge etc.

v2: The implication of this verse is that David realizes that nothing should be thought of as separate or unrelated to G-d. Everything is related to G-d. G-d wants to be involved in everything that happens in our lives. Even when we are in disobedience, G-d wants to be there to lead us to repentance. G-d wants to teach us, or discipline us, so that we regain the right perspective.

· Goodness is related to the will of G-d. It is only when we are in the will of G-d that we can expect His goodness to be provided to us. David wants to behave in such a way that every aspect of his life recognises G-d’s sovereignty.

v3: As new covenant believers we think of saints as those who have been saved by G-d’s grace. The term ‘saint’ is simply a word meaning ‘holy ones’ and it’s related to the purposes of G-d.

· The word “excellent” here refers to mighty or splendid. Those who are committed to the purposes of G-d are mighty.

· David delights in them – he wants to be one of them.

v4: This verse shows a dichotomy. What the saints pursue is very different to what these people in v4 pursue.

· When people pursue idolatry (an idol is anything that comes before G-d) it is going to multiply sadness in their lives.

· Offerings of blood – also related to idolatry (spiritual adultery) Blood is important Biblically. Blood was foundational for worship in the temple, but blood was always appropriated properly (handled in a very precise manner). This verse is talking about how people misappropriated the blood (misused it).

· Take up their names – the names of false G-ds.

David is making a proclamation that he will not be part of anything related to idolatry. He will not be about his own will, but will be about G-d’s will. This is David’s commitment.

v5: L-rd – the sacred name of G-d used here.

· ‘Cup’ and ‘portion’ are two related words. (‘cup of salvation’, ‘cup overflows’…). When we make G-d the priority of our lives (when His portion is our portion) then we can expect Him to move in an abundant way.

· Maintain my lot – the emphasis here is on the future. G-d has a future for you and for me.

v6: lines = a region or a domain (those things that belong to G-d’s purposes).

· Inheritance – a possession, a future hope of provision. The inheritance G-d has for us is a pleasant one. David has confidence that he is going to be an inheritor, an heir, of G-d’s portion. We should want what G-d has for us – not pursuing what we think is best for ourselves or what pleases our flesh.

v7: David’s response to this hope is to bless G-d. The principle in this verse is this: when we pursue our will G-d will be silent. When we pursue G-d’s will it leads to His counsel/insight/guidance in our lives.

· Night seasons – those times of darkness are not devoid of G-d. He is there, and He instructs us even in those times.

v8: Set the L-rd always – continually.

· Right hand can relate to that which is the seat of integrity. It is at the right hand that majestic things are accomplished.

· Shall not be moved – shall not become despondent in doing good (pursuing the will of G-d etc)

v9: The word ‘heart’ (the place of our thoughts) and ‘glory’ are related. We need to think upon

the things that are glorious to G-d and the outcome is going to be joy and gladness.

· Rest/dwell. When we pursue those things that are glorious to G-d we can be assured of His security (safety) – a form of ‘spiritual insurance’ so to speak.

v10: This is a Messianic prophecy (Acts 2:22-36)

· Sheol – the place of the dead.

· Holy One – written in the singular. Spoken about Someone very specific and is not a generalisation relating to many.

v11: ‘Show me’ is the word that means to inform. It is a word related to making an announcement.

· Path of life – David wanted to travel in the proper direction. He wanted to take the right road.

· It is only when we are on that right path that we are going to be in G-d’s presence and are going to be filled with joy/satisfied.

· Forever – this is a word that is related to the Kingdom of G-d. It is a word that is related to victory – being victorious (eternal victory can only be ours through the work of Messiah Yeshua).

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