The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 18 Part 2

Psalm 18: 25-50

v25: “Merciful” – those who display grace or loving kindness towards others. Those who have received G-d’s grace demonstrate His grace. G-d responds to us as we respond to Him. One of the objectives of grace is to maintain the will of G-d – it teaches us to live blameless lives – Titus 2:11-13.

v26: We do not become pure by ourselves. Through the blood of Yeshua we are made pure (in the state that we were intended to be in – before the fall of man. Untainted).

· Devious – in Hebrew this is the word for stubbornness, rebellion. A failure to do what we know is right.

· Shrewd – rivers don’t move in a straight line. They meander. This meandering suggests a degree of evasiveness. When someone is stubborn or devious G-d evades them. They will not feel His Presence or be a recipient of His provision.

v27: Humility brings G-ds saving power into our lives. Those who are proud are going to be humiliated by G-d (He will bring them low).

v28: Light my lamp…enlighten my darkness: David wanted to see things from G-d’s perspective so that he could make right decisions in his life. He does not want his life to be absent of the revelation of G-d.

v29: By You: “In You” – Paul frequently emphasised the need to be “in Messiah”. There are numerous blessings associated with being in Messiah.

· Run against a troop…leap over a wall – he will have no obstacles in front of him.

v30: Perfect – without fault.

· His Word is Proven – Refined and found to be pure. It’s an absolutely necessity that we rely upon G-d’s Word. If we’re not in His Word we’re not going to be refined.

· A shield – a defence. Protection is guaranteed for those who trust in Him.

v31: L-RD – the sacred name of G-d (the transcendent G-d).

· Rock is usually associated with salvation (Ps 62:2-7)

v32: Arms – Equips me (again alluding to provision)

· It is also Him who makes our way (path) blameless.

v33: When a deer experiences danger they are nimble and are able to quickly flee.

· High places – in a position of safety.

Note: G-d has obligated Himself. When we obey Him that obedience will cause G-d to respond to us. This is an established spiritual law.

v34: A bronze bow is a strong bow. G-d makes us strong.

v35: Shield: Over and over in this these last few verses we have seen a promise of G-d’s protection.

· Gentleness – G-d’s humility.

· Has made me great – has multiplied me (made me more than I am)

v36: Enlarged – made wider and broader. This is an image of security. The ability to walk without fear of stumbling. G-d makes us sure footed so that we are able to walk/move forward in His purposes.

v37-40: David is triumphant over his enemies. When we make G-d our defence and travel in His ways He will provide everything we need for victory.

v 41: Why does the L-rd not listen to these people although they cry out to Him? Because they have no covenantal relationship with Him. They call out in desperation and not in faith. Repentance requires faith. When we call out to G-d simply because we’re being defeated, we’re having problems, we’re suffering etc but we don’t affirm G-d (His will and His ways) then He will not answer us. This is so important in rightly understanding salvation. Repentance involves turning from our wicked ways and embracing G-ds perfect ways.

v42: Beat – a word for pulverize. The enemies of David are ground to a powder and simply blown away -never to be seen again (just like dust on a street disappears).

v43: Strivings of people: People who love strife.

Note: David is speaking about what G-d is doing for him but in actuality these things give us a greater insight in understanding what G-d is going to bring about through His Son – Yeshua, the Son of David.

v44 -45: They hear of me – they receive a report (testimony) of what G-d has done in David’s life and it causes them to submit.

v46: David ends these last few verses with praise and adoration to G-d.

v47-48: It is G-d who gives us victory over our enemies.

v49: Thanksgiving and praise should flow out of us – G-d has greatly delivered us.

v50: This verse is going to be fulfilled in a greater way through Yeshua – for forever! (Our Great Saviour, our King, our Merciful One, the Anointed One).

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