The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 19

Psalm 19

One chapter in the Bible that is extremely practical and powerful in assisting us to live a life that

is not in sin but in the righteousness of G-d (i.e. A life that is pleasing to G-d) is Psalm 19.

v1: This verse speaks of creation. The message that we can learn from creation is that there is an order to it. Every single thing in it has a purpose and a place. This order, in itself, declares (tells the story of) the glory/majesty/power of G-d.

· His handiwork – the work of His hands.

v2: Creation came into being by G-d’s Word. G-d did not create and then step back from His creation. Here we read that everyday His voice is still speaking to us through creation (He is still maintaining it). He is still very involved in what is going on here on Earth.

· The word that is parallel (//) to ‘speech’ is the word ‘knowledge’. The conclusion we can draw from this is that G-d’s speech provides knowledge.

v3: We cannot appreciate, hear, respond or benefit from G-d’s speech (His Words) if we are not listening to their voice. We are not going to grasp what G-d has for us unless we’re willing to obey what He reveals.

v4: Lines – this is another word that alludes to order. G-d has an order to His creation – He’s

laid things out (like a blueprint) before they are even fulfilled. What causes the fulfilment of G-d’s blueprint? His Words. This simply underscores the fact that it’s through G-d’s spoken Word that the outcome of His will is realized/manifested.

· Tabernacle – tent. G-d has placed His dwelling place (His tent) in the earth and in the heavens (He is omnipresent – everywhere – Ps 139:7-10). Because G-d is everywhere His order and rule is everywhere. Nature subjects itself to G-d’s will. Do we?

v5: In Jewish tradition a groom, who’s underneath the marriage canopy, goes out joyfully to meet the bride as she comes to him. He is full of joy as he knows that they are coming together in the covenant of marriage. The sun is an illustration that depicts G-d’s joy.

· This second picture is of a mighty warrior as he travels down that pathway for battle and victory. G-d rejoices in the victory that His (new) covenant (The covenant between G-d and man) brings about. G-d is the keeper/maintainer of this new covenant – not us!

v6: From one end…to the other: G-d’s origin is beyond what we can understand – it is eternal. Although G-d transcends creation He is also intimately involved in it and can be seen within it.

· Heat – some Bibles translate this as ‘fear’ or ‘judgement’. Because G-d is everywhere nothing escapes His judgment. Heat either melts and destroys or it refines and purifies (destruction or redemption).

v7: When we read about the Law of the L-rd we must not jump to the incorrect conclusion that law = legalism. Responding to G-ds law and embracing His law (His commandments, His wisdom etc) is a sign of spiritual maturity – not as a means of salvation, but we keep the law as a sign (a miracle, a testimony, a witness to others) of salvation. The law is for the spiritual man – containing wisdom that leads us to do those things that are pleasing to G-d (Roms 7:14-25) The only thing the law can tell an unspiritual person is that they’re in need of redemption as they are guilty before G-d.

· The law brings us to a state of perfection (completion) before G-d – this is our destination, goal, purpose. It gives us the right perspective.

· The law (Following G-d’s instructions) restores the soul

· The law provides us with a testimony – enables us to be a good witness before others.

Note: The law, in and of itself, can’t change a person. The law is not an instrument of justification (it doesn’t take away our sins) but it identifies or sets the standards that define what righteous is.

· The law gives the person who easily succumbs to temptation (the ‘simple one’) wisdom to turn away. When we understand G-d’s instruction we’re not going to be deceived. Temptation is usually a result of satanic deception.

v8: Statutes – charges/assignments

· Right = straight or upright. When we apply these commandments to our lives they put us on that straight way that produces uprightness in our lives.

· When we are walking in that straight/upright/right way we are going to rejoice/be glad before G-d.

· His laws also bring purity into our lives. Purity illuminates our eyes- it gives us a different perspective (gives us revelation).

v9: The fear of the L-rd means that we give G-d priority. This produces something similar to purity – cleanness. What’s unique about this word is that it alludes to the fact that in this state of cleanness we are in the place where we can experience the blessings of G-d (something that endures forever).

· Altogether – without exception. G-d’s truth is relevant – it is true for every situation and at all times.

v10: This verse is still speaking about G-d’s law. ‘Desire’ and ‘covet’ are the same word in Hebrew but one has a positive connotation and the other a negative. When we want something that it good (ie according to the will of G-d) it is usually translated as ‘desire’. These laws, fear of the L-rd etc are more precious and sweeter (better) than anything we can find in this natural world.

v11: ‘Your servant’ – David is making it very personal.

· Warned – none of us want to do anything dangerous or life-threatening. It’s good that there are warnings.

· To adhere to these warnings places us in a position whereby we are able to be rewarded – it produces the result.

v12: Errors/Faults – unintentional sin. When we don’t do something trying to be wrong, but we make a spiritual mistake without intent.

v13: This verse is talking about intentional sin – when we wilfully rebel and reject G-d’s instruction and therefore sin.

· ‘Keep back ‘ is not the word for salvation. This is word which means to withhold or stop.

· When we don’t have that rebellious spirit ruling over us we will be found to be perfect (innocent) – IN Messiah. Every human being will find themselves in one of these states: Either in abundant transgression or abundant reward. Either G-d is going to work in our lives, or we are going to be rejected by Him.

v14: The cry of David’s heart (what he said, what he thought, and what he did) was to be pleasing in G-d’s eyes and acceptable to Him. Is this the cry of our hearts?

· Strength – Rock, sure foundation

· The only way we can have a sure foundation is through redemption – through the blood of Messiah Yeshua.

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