The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 21

Psalm 21

Salvation is an important theme throughout the Bible. We see that there is a relationship between salvation (Kingdom victory) and the manifestation of G-d’s glory – good things begin to take place, as G-d’s will is being done.

v1: The king who trusts in G-d, and obeys Him, will be an instrument that manifests G-d’s glory. When the king is in submission to G-d, G-d’s strength and salvation become a resource, or a provision, for him – in this case he receives joy.

v2: ‘Heart’s desire’ speaks of an intense desire or want. When we live in a way where we want what G-d wants, His desire becomes our desire. In this case He gives us the desire of our heart – which are in fact the desires of His.

· Request of his lips – verbalising with his mouth (prayer) what is already in his heart (Matt 12:34-37)

v3: ‘You meet him’ – the word used here is a word that means to cause one to move forward or to progress. G-d takes us into a place of maturity so that we can go further and further in His will (and closer and closer into His Presence).

· As we progress in the will of G-d we are going to experience His blessings (in the plural) as a reward (a crown upon our heads – pure and valuable).

v4: True life is not found in living in our own wills. True life is found in the midst of doing G-d’s will – doing His purposes and manifesting His glory, through an obedience that produces victory.

· Forever and ever – eternal life.

v5: His glory (a word that means of great worth/value or significance) – speaking of the king’s glory (His honour and majesty).

· Your salvation – i.e. G-d’s salvation. The foundation or source of the king’s glory (honour and majesty) is only found in G-d’s salvation. They are only possible because of G-d.

v6: Most blessed forever – speaking of eternal reward. The provision of G-d has no limitations. They don’t run out or wear out.

· You have made him – the role of the man is passive. It is G-d that makes him glad. It is also G-d that gifts man with His Presence. It is in G-d’s Presence that we are going to be transformed.

v7: All this is happening because the man (the king) trusts in the L-rd.

· Mercy = grace, which is the foundation for producing salvation ie manifesting victory.

· It is through G-d’s grace that we will not be moved – we will not stumble, fall or collapse. There is a security and stability in our lives when we are obedient to G-d and living in His will for our lives.

v8: ‘Your hand’ – this is now referring to the hand of G-d. We need to embrace the salvation, grace/mercy of the L-rd, so that we do not find ourselves as enemies to G-d.

v9: A time of great judgment is coming on those who reject G-d.

v10: For believers, mention of the next generation usually speaks about something good. For the enemies of G-d, however, the next generation speaks of something that is not good. In this verse it speaks of their descendants no longer being a part of G-d’s creation.

v11: They contended against G-d – as they had no desire to do His will but insisted on their own ways. They wanted to please their own flesh, rather than pleasing G-d.

· Not able to perform – one of the worst feelings that a person can have is that of frustration. Frustration often has a spiritual foundation (Job 5:12, Ps 33:10). G-d puts that frustration within us because we want to accomplish something that He will not allow – therefore we are not able to do it (it is something out of the boundaries that He has set for us). This frustration can act as a blessing for us – it can force us to take stock of our lives and cause us to, once again, seek G-d’s will.

v12: ‘Turn their back’ – This means that they’re fleeing. They’re showing G-d their back.

· ‘Your string’ – bow (cord/rope that is not easily broken).

· Toward their faces – G-d aims this bow and arrows at their faces – He is going to destroy their existence.

v13: G-d is exalted/glorified in His power. It is through judgement that G-d can bring forth salvation/victory.

· Sing and praise – words that speak of bringing forth or uttering a song. When G-d’s judgement comes those who are in heaven celebrate and worship G-d for His wrath and judgement – it is in these times that people realise their need for a Saviour and are able to repent! (Rev 18:4, Rev 18:20).

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