The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 24

Psalm 24

There is nothing more important than the gospel of Messiah. Without it we have no hope and are faced with eternal judgement. With it we find G-d’s mercy and eternal forgiveness – allowing us to enter into an eternal relationship with Him. We can learn a great deal about the gospel through this psalm.

v1: The first principle that David reveals to us is that G-d is sovereign. Everything is His and everyone belongs to Him. He is truly the L-RD, the authority over all – nothing and no one in creation is excluded from His rulership.

v2: Founded and established…G-d prepared it properly – for the purpose of longevity; it’s able to endure. Not only is G-d sovereign (the One with ALL authority), but He is also the Creator (Is 64:8)

v3: Verse 1&2 set the stage for the exceeding greatness of G-d and then David asks this question: (in effect) – if G-d is so mighty and so holy who can actually approach Him or be in His Presence? Who can experience intimacy with Him and be a part of His Kingdom (Hill/mountain = Kingdom/government)

v4: The answer to the question posed in v3.

· Clean hands (ie deeds)…pure heart (thoughts): Can we say that everything we think and do is clean – no filth, dirt or anything improper? (Roms 3:9-26)

· An idol – many translations translate this word as “falsehood”. Are we those who haven’t given the very essence of ourselves over to that which is false?

· Deceit again speaks of that which is false, deceptive (covering up the truth)

· Not only are deeds and thoughts judged but also what we say – our speech (“sworn”). When we look at this list of requirements we realise that (without Messiah) we are in trouble. Our deeds, thoughts and speech are not up to standard.

v5: We all have fallen short of the glory of G-d. A candidate for salvation is one who desires to

turn away from sin and live in righteousness and in the blessing of G-d. If we don’t want to

live righteously (if we want to just continue in sin but not be judged for sin) then we are not a candidate for salvation. Righteousness is only achieved through the grace of G-d.

v6: Those who are going to be part of G-d’s Kingdom are going to be those who seek His face – like Jacob did. Jacob pursued hard after the things of G-d – his motivation for doing this (what ours should be) was a desire to live in the Presence of G-d (‘Seek Your face’ – intimacy with G-d). Jacob wrestled in the womb, he wrestled at Peniel (Gen 32:24-30) – he jostled to be found in the position whereby he could be blessed by G-d…no matter what it cost him (walked with a limp etc). Jacob was passionate about the purposes of G-d.

v7&9: Lift up – a term of acknowledgement. The way that we enter into the Kingdom of G-d is by acknowledging Yeshua as our king and our Messiah (Col 1:15-23).

· Gates – image here is one of the entry points into the Kingdom of Heaven.

· Everlasting – eternal. When the gates are opened the King of glory (G-d Himself) can enter in.

v8: There is a battle going on for the souls of individuals. G-d is mighty and powerful to save our souls – who we are in the deepest places.

v10: The L-rd of hosts – ie the L-rd of the armies (Yeshua fought a war for our salvation at Calvary. When He returns again, to save and redeem, it is as a Man of war – Rev 19:11-16)

· King – A reference to Messiah – Yeshua.

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