The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 26

Psalm 26

Even though King David was not a perfect man he was serious about serving/worshipping G-d. He wanted to be an individual that G-d was well pleased with. This psalm teaches us principles that we can implement in our lives in order to have a testimony that is pleasing to G-d – living lives that reflect His standard of righteousness, morality, justice etc.

v1: Vindicate/Judge: David is not calling on G-d to place wrath upon him. On the contrary, David is asking G-d to proclaim a verdict over his life saying that G-d has made a decision/a judgement call in David’s favour. David proclaims that he has lived his life in a way that agrees with G-d – keeping the things that the Kingdom of G-d demands (justice, righteousness – those things which manifest the glory of G-d). 

  • Trusted in – David (by faith) has relied on/depended on G-d, because he realised his own inadequacies. 
  • I shall not slip (fall): Trust leads to stability. When we put our faith in G-d we’re going to find the strength to stand without being moved (satan always tries to move us away from where G-d wants us to be). 

v2: David asks G-d to examine or test him. David wants to know how he is doing spiritually. We cannot grow, mature, see spiritual change in our lives until G-d tests us. G-d knows where we are at spiritually, so He doesn’t need to do this test so that He can find out how we are doing. This testing is for our sake – so that we can see how far short we fall so that we are able to ask G-d to help us to do something about it while we still can. David wants to see himself from G-d’s perspective.

  • Try me – David realizes that to be tested means that he is going to be placed in difficult circumstances. It is in these circumstances that he is given an opportunity to demonstrate Biblical truth. 
  • Mind and heart – Testing refines and purifies our thought process, our consciences. It helps us to discern the Holy Spirit (His words of instruction, His guidance and leadership)

v3: Although G-d’s grace (lovingkindness) is there to save us, it is also there to teach us (give us discernment) once we are saved (Titus 2:11-12). Through grace G-d gives us a new perspective (a different lens) through which we view life. This new perspective impacts how we live. Grace enables us to WALK, consistently, in G-d’s truth. 

v4: Idolatrous mortals – individuals who have no Kingdom connection and who do not live lives that G-d wants us to live. They make decisions that are dead, and which serve no eternal purpose. David uses discernment when it comes to who he associates with/who he is friends with. 

v5: Hated: There are some things that we should hate. It’s because we love righteousness that we should hate unrighteousness etc.

  • Will not sit – will not have fellowship with (sit in agreement with), as they will have a negative influence on our lives. Note: We can associate with them for the purpose of revealing G-d’s truth to them (ministry purposes), but we don’t associate with them in order to fellowship with them (2 Cor 6:14-18). 

v6: Washing is associated with being cleansed/clean (hands = deeds). When you put a dirty and a clean object together the dirty object doesn’t become clean. However, the clean object does become dirty when it touches the dirty object…

  • G-d’s altar is a clean place. The sacrifices on it brought about purity in people’s lives (maybe can be seen like a sink – the dishes are, constantly, having to be cleaned in it. It was a place of cleansing, although it didn’t remove the dirt forever – this is the difference between atonement -temporary cleansing- and redemption -sins are forever removed from us!!) 

v7: When we are cleansed, we are able to hear from G-d and are able to have a testimony – one of thanksgiving. 

v8: David had a complete love for the dwelling place of G-d – for G-d’s Presence. 

  • Habitation – a home. David loved being part of G-d’s family. 
  • Where G-d’s glory dwells – when we are with G-d, experiencing intimacy with Him, we are going to see His glory. 

v9: David wanted to have a different existence/experience to how most people lived. 

  • Bloodshed = death. When we practice sin we are ministering death (Roms 6:23)

v10: In order to accomplish their evil schemes, they were willing to pay a bribe. When we love money (the root of all evil) we can be bribed. When we are committed to money we are going to hate the things of G-d.

v11: Integrity – same word as ‘dependence’. David was dependant, he relied, upon G-d. 

  • Redeem me…be merciful (extend grace): We see again a correlation between the concept of redemption and grace. When we trust/rely on G-d we can expect Him to fulfil His promise to redeem us (forgive our sins, but also we become His purchased possession. With possession comes obligation on our part. We are bond slaves to Messiah. This possession also obligates G-d – He knows the frailty of man and in the new covenant He obligates Himself to His promises in regard to us – He acts in our favour!). 

v12: An even place – a flat place, a place of stability. Where do we find spiritual stability? 

  • Congregation – an assembly where men and women of faith come together. It is in the place of our togetherness, when we worship/bless the L-rd properly, that we are going to become stable.
  • Blessing the L-rd is a term that has to do with worship. It is through worship that change comes into our lives.

2 thoughts on “The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 26”

  1. Hi Rivka and Baruch

    Thank you both for your marvellous work in making God and the fullness of his purposes known around the world. I had no idea your ministry was so evidentially blessed – and so extensive! I am currently going through Baruch’s expositions on Genesis which I find Spiritually uplifting and completely fascinating. A real tonic to the LIE of creeping evolutionism – which is everywhere! Do you have any connections with the team at Answers in Genesis? If not maybe consider linking with them in some way

    Please highlight Baruch’s teaching videos – ludicrously cancelled by you tube and I will repost on my Messianic twitter channel and wherever I can.

    If you ever come to teach in England please let me know!


    1. Hello Heather! We were in London on June 12 where Baruch taught. We hope to be there again in the future. I promoted the event on our 2 Facebook pages. Next time we will do more promotion. Blessings, Rivka

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