The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 27

Psalm 27

As we approach the last days there is going to be more and more uncertainty. When things are unknown that lack of knowing often produces concern and fear. However, as people who are in a covenantal relationship with G-d, that fear should not have a negative influence upon us. It should act as a catalyst or a motivation to go before G-d with our prayers and our petitions. Having been in G-d’s Presence we can have assurance and confidence. 

v1: Light – illumination, revelation. Unless the L-rd reveals Himself to us we will not have salvation.

  • Whom shall I fear?: (rhetorical question) When G-d is on our side the answer to this question is ‘Noone’(1 John 4:18). 
  • Strength – a word that also means a strong place, a type of sure, mighty, reliable foundation.

v2: David did not have an easy life with an absence of problems or opposition. Quite the contrary.

  • Wicked – individuals who violate/are in opposition to the will of G-d. When we are committed to the purposes of G-d many will come against us in an effort to destroy us. 
  • People who are in opposition to G-d go through a process that eventually leads to them falling – being defeated (their stumbling is a sign that G-d is working to bring them down – Ps 75:7)

v3: Army – a group of soldiers. In relationship with G-d we have no need to fear these intimidating men. 

  • Heart = has to do with thinking – a thought process/mindset. David resolved not to allow fear to be the driving influence in his life. This is something we would do well to pay heed to in this day and age of instability and insecurity. 
  • Even if war surrounds us we need to continue to trust in G-d for His protection. 

v4: David is not seeking the L-rd now because the enemy is around him. The grammar indicates that David has always desired and sought this – even when the times were good. This desire is part of David’s character.

  • Dwell in the house of the L-rd – an expression of worship. David is interested in worshipping the L-rd.
  • Temple – the word used here in Hebrew is a reference to the Holy of Holies (a place dedicated to the Presence of the L-rd).

v5: Hide – concealed from the enemy

  • Pavilion -a portable, temporary structure (at Sukkot the people build booths – temporary dwelling places. This is the word used here)
  • ‘Upon a rock’ is literally translated ‘in a rock’(“IN Messiah” – the rock of our salvation)

v6: Luke 21:28. In difficult days G-d is going to lift our heads up (He is going to acknowledge that we belong to Him. In Exodus He made a distinction between those who belonged to Him and those who continued to choose Egypt) 

  • Sacrifices of joy, singing and praising are visible evidence that we are a thankful people. 

v7: David is looking for G-d’s response in his life. In the same way that we want G-d to pay attention to us we need to pay attention to Him.

v8: You said – G-d has said to all humanity that we need to seek His face (seek G-d’s Presence in our lives). 

  • Your face L-rd I will seek – G-d gave an instruction (Seek My face) and David said “Yes!” David applied the instructions of G-d to his life

v9: David wants G-d’s Presence, but he realizes that he’s not perfect. He realises he deserves the anger of G-d. His heart is set on serving G-d (‘Servant’)

  • Leave me – abandon me (David doesn’t want G-d to act as if He has no ownership over David). David doesn’t want to be left to himself. He wants G-d to be actively involved in his life. It is only when G-d is involved in our lives that we are going to experience His salvation (His victory in our lives). 

v10: Even when we are abandoned by those who love us the most G-d is still there to care for us. 

v11: This word ‘way’ (and its link to salvation) has a lot of significance Biblically. Yeshua is called the Way. The early followers of Yeshua followed what was called the Way (Acts 9:2, Acts 24:14 etc)

  • Smooth path – straight or upright path (ie not crooked)

v12: Not only did David have people rising against him, but he also had people falsely accusing him and lying about him.

v13: There is a debate among scholars as to whether ‘land of the living’ is talking about life here and now or if it’s talking about the life yet to come – the life found in the Kingdom of G-d. However, as Christians we know that our hope is not based on life here. 

v14: Waiting gives us a picture of hope, endurance, being patient etc. Our hope is rooted in the promises of G-d (Roms 8:25). When we have hope in G-d, focussing on His promises, fear is going to be pushed out of our lives (1John 4:18)

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