The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 28

Our last Psalm for this week: Psalm 28

Through King David we can learn a great deal of spiritual truth. One aspect of that spiritual truth is how to pray effectively. Although G-d hears us as soon as we pray He does not always respond immediately. This lack of immediate response can have a valuable effect in our lives – bringing change, teaching us different spiritual truths etc

v1: The context of this Psalm reveals to us that David is in the midst of hardships. He wants G-d to come to his assistance. First and foremost, David calls on G-d for help. 

  • Rock – a synonym for ‘foundation’. David realises that G-d is a foundation on which he can build everything in his life. 
  • If G-d does not move (respond) in our lives we are like those who have no hope. 
  • Those who go down to the pit are those who have no spiritual victory in their lives. 

v2: ‘Supplication’ is rooted in the word for grace/mercy. David is asking G-d to be gracious to him. David knows that NOTHING good is going to happen in our lives, to bring about a G-d-pleasing change (ie righteousness), until we become recipients of G-d’s grace.

  • Lift up my hands – In this context, a display of submissiveness (“Not my will but Yours be done”).
  • Holy Sanctuary – The Holy of Holies. Holy is a word related to purpose. We need to be people who are committed to the purposes of G-d – not our own purposes. 

v3: Do not take me away – David does not want to be drawn away or moved away from being in the will of G-d.

  • If we have not accepted Yeshua into our hearts and lives (entered into the new covenant relationship with G-d) then from G-d’s perspective we would fall into this category of ‘wicked ones’. It is only through the grace of G-d, through the work of redemption, that we can become a new creation.
  • Speak peace – they give a false impression. All looks good on the outside but inside they are rotten to the core. Peace is related to the will of G-d. These people look like they have embraced the will of G-d but they have not. 
  • Evil – anything that is against the will of G-d. 

v4: David wants G-d’s action in the lives of those who are G-d’s enemies. G-d’s enemies are going to be judged according to their deeds (actions) – according to what they have or haven’t done (Rev 22:12) – we are not saved by our works, but our works are evidence that we are saved, they are a fruit of salvation. Works are important. As believers, we are also going to be judged regarding our works – but our works are judged for our eternal rewards and not for condemnation. 

v5: Roms 1:20. Most people are not interested in the works of the L-rd. They don’t understand and nor do they want to investigate them. They do not want to get to know G-d – His thoughts or His ways. 

  • Destroy – ruin. With every single person G-d is either working to build up or to tear down. 

v6: David is NOT one of those who are uninterested in G-d. In v2 David was pleading with G-d to hear his supplications, but now G-d is moving in his life in response to his prayer. 

v7: He is my strength – David knows the power of G-d. He has experienced it in his life. 

  • My heart trusted – there is a grammar change here. David is no longer pleading with G-d, he is now sharing a testimony about G-d to others. Can we state with all assurance that G-d has been our help?
  • IN Him – a new covenant concept (In Messiah)
  • Praise Him – give thanks to Him. When we turn away from our worldly perspectives and we turn to G-d we will find His provision in our lives. 

v8: Those whom G-d saves, those who implement His truths in their lives, He gives strength and refuge – protection, shelter. G-d becomes their stronghold. 

v9: Yeshua means ‘salvation’ – Save Your people! G-d made a plan for salvation

  • He made a plan (Yeshua – Messiah) to bless His inheritance (G-d’s people are HIS inheritance). G-d saves us in order to bless us. Because we are G-d’s inheritance we can be assured that He will care for us, look after us (not squander us)
  • Shepherd – John 10. Noone can snatch us from G-ds hand and no one can snatch us from Yeshua’s hand (John 10:28-30 – this is a promise!!) This double hold should also comfort and provide assurance to us that G-d has got us no matter what!

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