The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 35 Part 2

Psalm 35:15-28

v15: The word for ‘adversity’ here is literally the word for one who has been injured. David has been wounded by his enemies and they rejoice as he falls (like a pack of hyena surrounding fallen prey). David is feeling weak and vulnerable to attack. 

  • Attackers – those who delight to cause harm to others. 
  • What didn’t David know? Perhaps how many enemies he actually had, or how intense they were in seeing David defeated. If we focus on the enemy we will always be overwhelmed and discouraged. 
  • Tore…and did not cease: They wanted to cause utter destruction and devastation (physically and spiritually) to David. 

v16: Ungodly mockers – hypocrites. 

  • Feasts are associated with worship of G-d. These enemies were not interested in these times of worshipping G-d. 
  • ‘Gnashed at me with their teeth’ is a form of intimidation. 

v17: How long will You look – G-d is aware of what is going on but hasn’t yet stepped in to intervene. 

  • The enemy first and foremost attacks our relationship with G-d. David asks G-d to rescue him/restore him to right relationship with G-d (the opposite of destruction)
  • Lions – David’s enemies are powerful and capable of massive destruction. 
  • Precious life – David has dedicated his life to the things of G-d and his enemy hates this. 

v18: There is no evidence that G-d has intervened in David’s situation but yet David continues to praise Him. 

  • Great congregation – the rabbis say this is referring to the heavenly (eternal) congregation. David wants heaven to know of his commitment/faithfulness to G-d (Heb 12:1). His commitment to G-d is not dependant on an immediate result. 
  • I will praise – David knows he is going to have a testimony to share with others. David is demonstrating faith – not in what G-d has done, but in what G-d will still do. 

v19: David asks that his enemies are not able to be glad in this false reality – the world as we know it right now. Nothing in this world is going to endure – not even what our enemies do to us. 

  • Winking with the eye means that they are giving a signal to others in order to gather them against David. 
  • Without a cause – David hasn’t done anything to them (Matt 10:28). 

v20: They do not speak peace – they do not proclaim the will of G-d (peace is an outcome of being in the will of G-d)

  • Devise – they think about ways to harm others
  • Quiet – those who are minding their own business, people who are still, relaxed. 

v21: These people are speaking out boldly about what they think they can see/perceive about David. But what they see (they are not operating in faith – faith comes by hearing and not by seeing) is rooted in deception so is false (see v20). 

v22: When we are going through difficult times where is G-d? Do we invite Him to come near us to deal with the problem? When we begin to worship G-d He will not be far from us. 

v23: Stir up…awake – These are words usually related to man, because G-d never sleeps (Ps 121:4). David is wanting G-d to rise up in this situation. He feels like G-d has been absent in his circumstances. 

  • Vindication – justice
  • David wants G-d (His G-d, a personal G-d – when we are in a covenant relationship with G-d we belong to Him) to contend/fight for him. In a relationship with G-d attacks against us are also attacks against G-d. 

v24: David is concerned about justice and righteousness. These two things reflect the Kingdom of G-d. David is committed to the Kingdom of G-d. 

v25:ie do not let them obtain their (wicked) desires (“so we would have it”)

  • Swallowed him up – ie defeated David. Triumphed in their desire to destroy David. 

v26: Instead of rejoicing when good things happen to others David’s enemies rejoice when bad things happen to him. When a person is of this mindset (rejoicing in pain) they are going to have shame and dishonour placed on them. 

v27: This verse is in contrast to verse 26. These people rejoice when good things happen to others. This is how we should behave. We should be individuals who are happy when someone else is behaving righteously. Part of our call in this world is to encourage others to behave righteously. When we behave in this way we magnify the L-rd – make His name great. 

v28: “My tongue” – David makes it personal. If we want G-d to get involved in our circumstances then we need to be people who praise Him – in good or bad circumstances. We need to give Him thanks no matter what situation we find ourselves in. 

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