The Book of Psalms Bible Study Psalm 37 Part 2

Psalm 37:21-40

v21: Called ‘wicked’ because he sets aside the things of G-d. He’s not interested in G-d’s

instructions and is not concerned about G-d’s standards. He lives in a way to exploit others. 

  • Borrows…does not repay – he expects help in his time of need, but he doesn’t honour his word (he is one who does not believe that G-d will keep His Word either… “G-d wouldn’t send me to hell….”). 
  • But…a word of contrast. The righteous man and the wicked man are contrasted with each other.
  • Mercy – he shows grace. G-d has given abundantly to us so we should be people who are willing to give too. 

v22: ‘Inheriting the earth’ is a Kingdom idiom. It talks about this transition or change that’s coming into this world. We are going to be the recipients of (and participating in) G-d’s Kingdom. 

  • Cut off – they do not have a future. This does not mean that they just cease to be. At the last judgment the wicked will be resurrected and will go before the great white throne of Messiah Yeshua. They will then be cast into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone and they will have consciousness forever (knowing sadness, sorrow and pain for eternity) – Rev 20:11-15. If we do not meet the righteous requirements of G-d then we are headed to an eternity in hell. There is no place in between. 

v23: “good/mighty man” – speaking about one who has made himself strong in the L-rd.

  • Ordered: When G-d establishes our steps we are going to have a sure foundation. A result of having a firm foundation is that we are helped to become strong in the L-rd. 
  • Although G-d establishes the way He doesn’t force us to choose to follow Him. When we choose to walk in His ways He takes delight in it (we are pleasing to Him) because we have surrendered to His will. 

v24: The same kind of concept can be found in John 10:28-29. When we have a relationship with G-d He leads us (by the hand, so to speak). Even though the enemy might trip us up, and we may fall down, G-d’s going to support us and restore us. 

v25: This is a wonderful verse about the faithfulness of G-d. G-d never abandons the righteous when we are walking in His ways. 

  • The blessing for living righteous lives impacts not only our lives but also the lives of future generations (‘descendants’)

v26: In this Psalm G-d makes a distinction between those who live according to Biblical truth and those who do not. Those who are obedient and live according to Biblical truth ensure that their children also receive blessing. 

v27: Everyday we are faced with the decision to do evil (those things that do not reflect the will of G-d) or to do good (those things that are in accordance with the will of G-d). We have to make a cognitive decision to turn away from evil – as that is not G-ds will for our lives. 

Turning from evil positions and equips us to do good. 

  • Dwell forevermore – When we turn from evil and do good we are going to be able to live in the Kingdom environment. 

v28: The L-rd loves justice and that’s why we’re told to execute justice – to be a force that ensures justice for others. We don’t have to fight for our own justice (1 Cor 6:7), but fighting for justice for others is the right thing to do. 

  • Forsake – abandon or leave. G-d is going to guard us. 
  • A wicked mans actions also affect, although negatively, his children/future generations. 

v29: Parts of verse 22 and v27 repeated, therefore emphasised. 

  • Dwell in it forever – we know that there is going to be a new heaven and a new earth. So, therefore, this verse does not mean that we will be dwelling on this present earth forever. Wherever the Kingdom of G-d is that is where we will be dwelling forever. 

v30: Speaks wisdom – a righteous person thinks about what he is going to say before he says it. 

  • In this verse we see the relationship between wisdom and justice. Without a heavenly wisdom we will not understand a G-dly justice.

v31: Note: Wisdom is only able to be grasped when the law of the G-d of Israel is in our hearts. If we do not understand the law or Word of G-d then we will not be able to execute justice. 

  • Slide – slip or collapse. When our steps are based upon the law of G-d, the wisdom of G-d, the righteousness of G-d then they are not going to be unsure. We will walk on a firm foundation. 

v32: Watches – the wicked watch the righteous with intent to harm, to put to death. 

v33: G-d’s going to work all things out ultimately for the righteous person. Even though Yeshua was innocent, He died (exited his mortal body so to speak) as a man condemned. This condemnation did not make Him guilty. He remained innocent. Even though men might condemn the righteous man, in the Heavenly court we are going to stand before G-d as innocent – because of Yeshua’s work on the cross. 

v34: Wait – living in hope, expectation, that G-d is going to move in a situation. The one who has no hope has no expectation that G-d will move. How do we have hope in the L-rd? By keeping His ways (pursuing His truth, will etc). 

  • ‘Inherit the land’ emphasised again. 
  • Wicked…cut off: G-d is a G-d who judges. The day of our vindication, and the day of the wicked man’s condemnation, is coming. 

v35: Speaking of a powerful tyrant. 

  • Spreading himself – He was prospering and flourishing, manifesting himself to be powerful. 
  • A native green tree is a very fertile tree. 

v36: He comes to nothing. None of these wicked men, in eternity, are going to say that what they gained on earth was worth it ☹

v37: This verse sets out what we need to do in contrast to this wicked tyrant.

  • Mark – watch or observe
  • Blameless man – An innocent person. 
  • Peace = the fulfilment of G-d’s will. Wise people pray for the will of G-d to be fulfilled (all the time – every morning, afternoon and evening)

v38: cut off – cast into utter darkness, away from G-d. 

v39: Salvation is from the L-rd. We don’t achieve it. We don’t earn it. We receive it from Him.

  • He is (our) strength in…trouble: we have nothing to fear. We don’t need to become anxious or concerned about things going on around us. 

v40: This verse reassures us that G-d is indeed our help and our shield. He is the One who helps us, we cannot help ourselves. 

  • Why does He help us? Because we trust (ie have faith) in Him. We are people who live by faith. We are helped because of our faith – it has nothing to do with our deeds, but everything to do with His….what He has done! 

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