The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1v1-9

What a privilege to be given time to read another book! Especially this book of Revelation! 😊

I encourage you to do two things as you read through Revelation:

  1. Don’t just accept my word, or anyone’s word, for things relating to Scripture. Acts 17v11. It’s your responsibility to search the Scriptures to find truth, and to discard what you can’t find written in It. 

  2. I’d also encourage you to read Revelation as literally as possible. The Bible does tell us when things are symbolic by using words like “A shadow of the good things to come” Heb 10v1, “Which things are symbolic ” Gal 4v24, and then the Bible also interprets symbolism eg: Rev 12v9. When we read about the dragon in Revelation, we know we can substitute “dragon” for “satan”. And these are just a few examples.

The book of Revelation (a word in the singular) teaches us how to be obedient – especially in light of the last days. It helps us to prepare for the judgement to come and teaches us how to position ourselves so that we can be found faithful. 

The verses are referenced from the NKJV.   

v1 This revelation was given by G-d the Father, to Yeshua (“Him”), who then gave it to John – so that we can understand the identity, work, and judgement of Messiah Yeshua.  

  • Shortly (quickly) take place: (1Thess5v3, 1Cor 15v51-52) The “Day of the L-rd” happens very quickly. If we are unprepared there will be no time to prepare(Matt 25v1-13) Prophecy is the key to preparedness. 

G-d has made His coming dependent on the utterance found in Matt 23v39)

v2 The more we are able to understand the Word of G-d the more we will be able to understand the person and work(deeds, testimony) of Messiah.

There is a two-fold blessing in v3

  • One for the reader
  • One for those who hear and take it to heart – obey it.  

Reading Revelation positions us in the will of G-d, helping to Biblically prepare us for what is still to come. 

  • The time is near. Are we ready?  Matt 25v1-13

v4 These churches are outside of Israel…people in EXILE. 

  • Grace(to save us – see Ephesians 2v8-10- but also to teach us to say “no” to unG-dliness-Titus 2v11-14) and peace (which guards our hearts and minds – Phil 4v7) are like lifebuoys- especially to people living in times of chaos.  
  • This grace and peace is given by The Father(who was,  is and is to come – the transcendent G-d),  the Spirit(Sevenfold Spirit)  and Yeshua Christ (see v5)! (We have supernatural help in order to be able to live in that place/under those circumstances.)

v5 focuses on Yeshua:

  • faithful witness (an example of how we should live)
  • 1st born from dead-implies superiority -1 Cor 15v12-28 
  • ruler of kings (1 Cor 15v27)
  • loves us,  freed us(Heb 9v22)

v6 Yeshua made us a kingdom/priesthood (an identity change) to SERVE G-d. (Ex 19v5-6) 

v7) Behold is a word that warns us to pay attention to what will be said. 

  • Daniel 7v13-14, Acts 1v9-11
  • Isaiah 52v8
  • Those who pierced Him: Zech 12v10
  • all the tribes(families) of the earth: first mentioned in Gen 12v3. The ultimate blessing of this covenant is the establishment of the Kingdom. 

v8 Alpha and Omega: Isaiah 44v6-8

  • Isaiah 48v12-16a

What a comfort to read those verses in conjunction with v8! Right at the beginning of this book, G-d establishes His authority and character. He is first and He is last! In everything that happens G-d is there! From before Genesis began until eternity after Revelation ends!

v9 John was 100% committed to the Word of G-d. A good example to those(us?) who are living at the end – Matt 24v9-13

  • What causes this tribulation?  “The Word of G-d and the testimony(deeds) of Yeshua. (This is the second time we see this phrase repeated. This shows emphasis) Matt 10v22

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