The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 2


v10 the Spirit (as seen in Gen 1) brings order from chaos.

  • the L-rd’s Day could be the Sabbath Day/ a day of judgement or a Sunday. 

Two types of trumpets are mentioned in the Bible:

Silver (1 Cor 14v8 -call to worship) and Shofar/rams horn (Gen 22v13-14 – has to do with provision)

v11 Alpha/ Omega reemphasized.

  • These 7 churches (seven being the number that speaks of sanctification, being set apart) were located in modern Turkey of today.

v12 Hebrews 8v5 tells us that the earthly tabernacle was based on a pattern(just a shadow) of the real tabernacle based in heaven.  

See Numbers 7v89 and 8v1-4. Here we have reference to the “Voice” as well as the 7 lamps burning in the presence of G-d – in the Holy of Holies. 

The purpose of the menorah (lampstand) was for its light to testify to the people that G-d was with them. These congregations are supposed to live and behave in a way that others see the Presence of G-d in their lives and they want the same reality in theirs. 

v13-15 a description of Yeshua… He looks like His Dad! (see Daniel 7v9-14 for a description of the Father) 

Sons inherit.(see 1 Corinthians 15v27-28)…Yeshua even inherited judgement. John 5v22 tells us that the Father entrusts all judgement to His Son.  See also Philippians 2v6-11

v16 We will talk in v20 about the stars in His hand but for this verse let’s look at the sword. (the Word of G-d – Ephesians 6v17)

This Word is a strong and effective (2 edged) weapon

See Psalm 149v6-9 and Hebrews 4v12-13 The sword distinguishes between that which is of G-d and that which is not of Him. 

v17 “Do not be afraid” –  going through this chapter(knowing what is to come in the rest of the book) I have been amazed at how G-d set the stage for this book by proclaiming who He(in Trinity) is. His authority.  His power. And those who put their trust in Him should never be afraid! (Psalm 125v1) The only healthy fear a believer should have is the fear of G-d (Prov 9v10)

Yeshua, here,  proclaims He is ‘the first and the last’ – unity between Father (Alpha and Omega) and Son.  

v18 He holds the key to death and hell – again reference John 5v22

This may not be easy to think about or wrap our heads around…

He (Yeshua) is the one who judges people(sheep and goats – Matt 25v31-46)  and decides who goes to be with Him or who goes to hell. He eventually even casts satan in there- Rev20v10

v19 John instructed to write about the past, about the present and about the future. (see also Hebrews 13v8)

v20 Here we see a classic example of where the Bible tells us that two things are symbolic, but it also reveals to us what the symbols mean:

  • The stars are angels,  also called messengers, leaders, some say pastors.  
  • The lampstands are the churches/congregations/peoples themselves.

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