The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11v1-10

Wise people will be prophetically curious. (Hosea 4v6)

v1: The entire temple was not measured – only the Holy Places.

· Those who worship there: Jewish worshippers (Gentiles weren’t allowed in these places).

v2: In Jerusalem there is going to be a division. A functioning temple, complete with the Holy Place and areas of worship where only Jewish people will be allowed to go, will be rebuilt. Outside of this area will be a place where the Gentiles/nations (those who have no covenant relationship with G-d) will be allowed to worship.

The antichrist will rule from the temple – after the abomination of desolation- for the last 3.5 years (Jerusalem is going to be under attack for these 42 months). Islam will not be the religion of the antichrist. His religion will be one that is initially inclusive of all religions. He is going to try to unite all people around his leadership.

v3: Malachi 3v1-5. For those last 3.5yrs (1260 days), while the antichrist is reigning, these witnesses speak prophetic truth to the people on earth.

· Sackcloth is related to repentance. They are calling people to repent. Prophecy produces repentance (Rev 19v10)

v4 This verse, speaking about the coming witnesses, is key to helping us understand Zech 4v11-14.

· Olives give oil, lampstands give light. These two witnesses serve the L-rd by bringing the anointing of G-d’s Word, His revelation/light, to the people. People only understand, repent and begin to serve G-d when His anointed Word is revealed.

v5: As these witnesses speak a message of repentance, and as they prophesy in Jerusalem, they are given power. People, from the nations, will rise up against them because they don’t want to hear this message. Those who don’t believe, in what the Scripture reveals, are setting themselves up for the judgement of G-d.

v6: We do not know who these two witnesses are, but G-d has given us some interesting characteristics about them. They can shut up the sky like Elijah (1 Kings 17v1, 18v1, 18v41-46) and they can turn water to blood and strike the earth with plagues like Moses. (Exodus 7-11. See also Malachi 4v4-6 and Mark 9v2-4)

v7: Why does G-d allow His faithful witnesses to die? To teach us that death is not our end. It is a transition, and a preparation, for resurrection. If we die obediently serving G-d, we have a hope – the Kingdom. The resurrection speaks of the reality of the power and authority of this Kingdom. (Messiah rose first, as the first fruits; but, as part of the harvest, we are also going to have a resurrection experience– 1 Cor 15v20-23) Resurrection = victory.

v8: This ‘great city’ is Jerusalem (where Messiah was crucified) – also called Sodom (a place of ungodliness and sexual immorality) and Egypt – synonymous with the world and its worldview.

Jerusalem is going to become an affront to G-d. The antichrist will be ruling there and championing a religion of pluralism.

v9: When you deny someone burial you shame the body. The world will have utter contempt for these two witnesses that bore truth to the testimony of G-d. It shows us how far this world will be from G-d.

v10: At the feast of Purim (Found in the book of Esther) people celebrate the salvation of the Jews from Haman by sending each other gifts. It is completely flipped/reversed here. This is a celebration against G-d’s people.

· The dwellers of the earth felt that the witnesses had tormented them by giving them the truth of G-d, and calling them to repentance in order to find G-d’s forgiveness.

1 thought on “The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 1”

  1. Hello,

    In reference to the two witnesses speaking God’s Word and the Godless of the world being upset by hearing Truth, it’s easy to see this happening in the world already to some degree. Just try to talk about homosexuality or transgenders in a public forum and the reaction is much like Dracula’s to the Cross. Social media will cancel you, your employment could be terminated and a mob could even form to demand your apology and submission, or else.
    Homosexuals are about 7% of the population and yet the culture has given them authority over the rest of the population. In less than 30 years the American culture has been turned upside down.
    It’s so bad here in the US that many states’ public education curriculum will teach 13 year old students in their ‘health’ class that sodomy is a perfectly normal act. Yes! It’s true.
    Also, most folks under the age of 40, who aren’t homosexual or transgender react almost as vehemently as the gay community does to any, any opposition as to their lifestyle.
    When the two witnesses arrive on the scene and the Godless cannot escape from hearing GOD’s truth on that subject alone, well, one can imagine the reaction that will ensue.
    Here in America it’s Gay Pride Month. Yup, the whole month is dedicated to them. Whole institutions and even local banks are offering the gay pride logo as a design choice for your credit and/or debit card.
    It’s incredible how quickly this country became an immoral sewer.
    But, I will rejoice seeing these signs as I know that my redemption draws near.

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