The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 2

Revelation 11v11-19

v11: Repentance births a new life. In those final 3.5 years G-d brings life to Israel.

· Breath of life from G-d: In Genesis 2v7 G-d gave His breath of life to Adam, the father of humanity. In this passage, we see a kind of Kingdom creation/2nd creation receiving that same breath of life from G-d.

v12: Eternal life conquers death.

v13: There is a purpose for an earthquake. It shakes the earth in order to bring about a change. Even though they had hated the witnesses, when they saw them go in a cloud toward heaven and experienced the earthquake, a change happened in them.

· They gave glory … at long last a proper response! G-d has created us to give glory to Him. Give glory to Him no matter what your circumstances are.

v15: Resurrection is followed by the proclamation of the Kingdom. A change takes place and there is a transfer of ownership! As believers we won’t be here to see all these things taking place, but they are important for us to know about, as they teach us about the character of G-d.

· He shall reign forever and ever. This is a promise!

v16: Even though these elders have their own thrones they keep getting off them and falling down before G-d in humility and worship. When G-d rules our lives we are quick to worship Him.

v17: The refrain changes from what we saw in 7v11-12. Which kingdom are we investing in? The one that is going to be destroyed or the one that will last forever?

v18: The time has come for:

· Judgement

· Reward

· Destruction

v19: Reminiscent of Mt Sinai. G-dly change is coming to G-d’s people. At Mt Sinai G-d revealed truth to His people (gave them the commands- the Ark of His covenant housed the tablets that these commands were written on). There is a relationship between truth and change. The Word of the L-rd and the law are going to go forth from Zion (Micah 4v2) Before this change can occur (i.e. before Yeshua sets up His millennial Kingdom) Israel has to get right with G-d (Matt 23v39).

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