The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 12 Part 1

Chapter 12v1-9

Chapter 12 is a review – a heavenly perspective of earthly things. Israel played a very important role in Messiah’s first coming. Likewise, she is going to play an important role when He returns. Verse 1-5 focuses on Yeshua’s first coming. Verse 6 onwards shifts into a last day context.

v1: This verse is similar to the dream that Joseph (A typology of Messiah) dreamt in Gen 37v9-10.

When Joseph spoke about the sun, moon and stars he was referring to Jacob, his mother and to his brothers – the tribes of Israel. In this chapter there is an emphasis on the children of Israel.

v2: This woman is a picture of Israel, who gave birth to the Messiah.

v3: Dragon =satan or devil (Rev12v9) – he is opposed to Yeshua, and stands against what God has promised to bring about.

· 7 heads = seven empires that serve satan’s purpose (Rev 17v9-11)

· 10 horns =10 kings or rulers(Daniel 7v24, Rev 17v12-14)

· Crowns speak of rule/kingdom

v4: Stars: Angels (see Rev 1v20)

· Because of this verse it is thought that 1/3rd of the angels lost their place in heaven when satan rebelled (See Rev12v7-9, Isaiah 14v12-15, Luke 10v18)

· satans’ plan was to destroy Yeshua when He was born (Matt 2v16), but he failed.

v5: Yeshua’s first coming. The children of Israel were greatly disappointed with Messiah Yeshua and rejected his leadership.

v6: satan was unsuccessful at destroying Messiah, so began to persecute the woman (Israel) instead. These 144 000 of the house of Israel (as seen in chapter 7) are going to be taken into the wilderness in order that they might, in desperation, come to faith – because of the time of Jacob’s trouble. Prophetically we know that Israel is going to flee in the last days. (Matt 24v15-21)

· 1260 days repeats itself in the Scripture. It is always in regard to the latter half of Daniel’s 70th week and is the time also referred to as ‘The Time of Jacob’s trouble’. (Dan 12v7, Jer 30v7, Dan 12v1) At the end, G-d is going to allow the most difficult time of satanic persecution for the Jewish people, but it is going to bring them to dependence on G-d and cause them to act in faith. Sometimes faith comes out of desperation. G-d is

going to move to deliver Israel, because she is key in bringing about the establishment of the Kingdom (Matt 23v39).

v7: A spiritual battle is taking place at the same time as Israel is being persecuted and fleeing (in the physical realm).

v8: The fact that satan waged an unsuccessful war in the heavens foreshadows victory for G-d, and victory for the people of G-d!

v9: The accuser will no longer be in the heavenly realms (Eph 6v12) Victory for us, but catastrophe for the earth (Rev 12v12)

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