The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 15

Chapter 15 

v1: Why would G-d use ‘great’ and ‘marvellous’ to describe judgement? The outcome of judgement is marvellous and great – the establishment of the Kingdom!

  • These angels pour out the plagues, so that G-d’s purposes and holiness might be manifested in and through His Kingdom. 
  • The word plague reminds us of the plagues in Exodus. The outcome of both was, and will be, redemption. G-d brought people out of bondage in Egypt. In the same way, He is going to bring His people out of bondage from this world. 
  • “Wrath of G-d is complete”: (in this dispensation) After the millennial kingdom, there is going to be another outpouring of G-d’s consuming judgement (Rev 20v7-9). 

v2: This sea is very different to the sea that spoke of instability (12v12) It is not a sea of water, but a sea of glass mingled with fire (fire is related to how glass is produced). Fire brought about stability. The people, standing here, are triumphant (They have overcome the instability and those things that gave rise to the evil empire). 

  • The harps are synonymous with worshipping G-d, who helped them triumph. 

v3: The teachings of Moses and the teachings of Messiah are not in conflict. The commandments those things which are pleasing to G-d. However, it is only through the work of Messiah (the Lamb) that we are enabled to live out the commands and teachings of Moses. Malachi reminded us to remember the commands of Moses and to get ready because Messiah was on His way (Malachi 4v4-5). When G-d became a man He lived in obedience to the law. That is why the Scripture emphasises that Yeshua never transgressed the law (2 Corinthians 5v21).  The character of G-d is seen in the character of Messiah Yeshua, who fulfilled the law.  

  • Saints are those who, by justification, have been made holy, set apart and called for a purpose. 

v4: All the nations shall come and worship: Phil 2v10-11. Confessing this, after death, at the time of judgement has no merit to it. ALL will be required to confess, as a response to G-d, but that does not mean that all will be saved. 

v5: Tabernacle of the Testimony: (Numbers 1v50-54) Reminiscent of the Ark of the Covenant which housed the ten commandments. There is a relationship between the ten commandments and all the commandments of G-d (Matthew 22v37-40). There is also a connection between G-d’s wrath and the commandments. The basis for His judgement is the violation of the commandments, i.e. when people (who have not been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb) do not fulfil His righteousness. 

v6: These angels have been sanctified for a purpose. 

v7: These judgements are unique and could not be done by man. They are the works of a supernatural G-d. Everyone is going to know that G-d is Holy – i.e. He judges sin. G-d manifests Himself to the world, with undeniable power, but many people are not willing to humble themselves, turn from their sins and repent. 

  • G-d, who lives forever – He is eternal. He transcends all. 

v8: The wrath and the glory of G-d are not incompatible. Because G-d is Holy He judges sin. His judgement (of that which is unholy) manifests His Holiness. 

  • When Solomon prayed, at the dedication of the temple, the temple was filled with smoke; the glory of G-d. The priests weren’t allowed to go into the temple to work. G-d did all the work. (2 Chron 7v1-2). Nothing (no one) can stop this judgement from coming, or stop it from being poured out in its entirety. All sin will be consumed. All that will be left is that which agrees with G-d’s plans, purposes and will. After judgement will come G-d’s blessing, the fulfilment of His promises to His covenant people!

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