The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 19v11-21

v11:This is not the same horse and rider mentioned in Revelation 6v2. This rider is Yeshua and He is coming to make war. He is called Faithful. Faithfulness is the manifestation of truth. He is also called Truth and He manifests this through His acts. Here He is bringing about G-d’s judgement, the outcome of which will be the establishment of the Kingdom. 

v12:A name that no one knew except Himself is an idiom. Only G-d can know or understand G-d (Isaiah 40v13-14, 1 Cor 2v11). 

v13: Blood signifies redemption but also speaks of judgement (Isaiah 63v1-6) 

  • The Word of G-d is synonymous with the mind of G-d or the purpose of G-d. Messiah Yeshua is coming to fulfil the mind, the purpose and the will of G-d. (i.e. The Kingdom)

v15: Nations refers to those of any nationality, ethnic group etc that does not have a covenantal relationship with G-d. 

  • Rod of iron tells us that He will not tolerate sin. Yeshua maintains the righteousness of G-d’s character (found in the commandments of G-d). 

v16:In Biblical times they grabbed the thigh in greeting – in the same way that we shake hands today. The King of kings is used here as a reference to the rulership of Messiah. 

v17: To stand in the sun is impossible naturally. The Kingdom of G-d is supernatural. When David spoke to Goliath he said that the birds were going to eat Goliath’s flesh (1 Sam 17v45-46) – to have the birds eating your flesh is an image of shame. The birds are going to eat the carcasses of those who did not know redemption. 

v18: G-d is not a respecter of persons, nor of their status in life. The only way for anyone to escape this judgement is through faith in Messiah Yeshua. 

v19:They are eternally rebellious and cannot be brought to submissiveness. 

v20: They were cast alive, and they remained alive for eternity. 

v21: It is very significant that the sword comes from His mouth. Yeshua said He did not come to bring peace, but He came to bring a sword (Matt 10v34).  A sword divides, putting things into two groups. The gospel is a sword. It gives life (Matt 4v4) but it can also be the source of judgement (Jn 12v48). The gospel circumcises our hearts so that our carnal nature dies. We receive a new heart (way of thinking; Prov 23v7), a heart that becomes sensitive to the things of G-d. 

  • Flesh reminds us of sin. Sin leads to death (Roms 6v23). This chapter ends with a banquet for these unclean birds. 

In this chapter we saw the return (called the premillennial return) of Messiah, on His white horse, and with Him His armies. He defeats the beast, false prophet and all those who were part of that empire. He ushers in a new reality. 

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