The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2


v18 Yeshua introduces Himself to this church as divine(Son of G-d – sons serve and inherit), with eyes like fire – fire refines/purifies, and as the workmanship of G-d (fine brass – used to make things of beauty)

Like Yeshua, we are called to be sons/children of G-d (1 Jn 3v1), we are called to be pure (1 Thess 4v7) and we are called to be the workmanship of Christ (Eph 2v10).

v19 this is a church that has matured and grown, but they have a problem…

v20 The Jezebel in this church influenced many in it, in much the same way that Jezebel of the Old Testament influenced Israel (story in 1 Kings)  A domineering, controlling woman who held the reins so to speak. 1 Jn 4v1 says we need to test the spirits. satan is not imaginative and does the same thing over and over again. We need to be able to discern these things. 

v21 see 2 Peter 3v9. When true believers are made aware of their sin they want to repent immediately. They don’t want to keep on sinning (1 Jn 3v9-10)

v22 our sin causes us to suffer – yet G-d can graciously use the time of suffering to help us to realize the need to repent. (Psalm 139v23-24)

  • great tribulation: In Dan 9v27 we see a period of 7yrs broken up into two 3.5yr periods. The second 3.5yr period is known as the great tribulation. If these people don’t repent they will not be saved from this period of time. 

v23 If repentance doesn’t take place it leads to eternal death. G-d’s desire is for all people to repent and be saved from this. Man is without excuse (Rom 1v19-20)

  • Yeshua searches our hearts and our minds. He investigates every aspect of our lives.

v24 Thyatira was a difficult place to live. Lots of people just left. Some were willing to stick it out – they understood that wherever they lived G-d had a plan and purpose for them. If we are going to mature and become the people G-d wants us to be we will not flee from difficult circumstances.

  • Yeshua said he would not impose any other burden on these people  – except that of staying away from this woman’s teaching, and staying away from satan’s so called deep secrets(part of gnosticism – this has crept into quite a few of the churches today) The emphasis of gnosticism is on personal spiritual knowledge – people claim to have extra(new) Biblical revelation/visions from G-d and to them, and their followers, this trumps orthodox teachings(from the Word),  traditions etc.

v26 We cannot overcome on our own. We can only overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

  • Those who are faithful/ trustworthy inherit authority(Luke 19v11-27)

v27 The vessel that is not in line with the potter’s purpose is struck and broken into many pieces. 

G-d can only trust faithful people with His power or authority. Faithful people will be given that rod of iron so that which is not in line with G-d’s Word can be warred against.

v28 2 Peter 1v19-21 This verse tells us that all we need to know about G-d is contained in the Word of the prophets…Genesis to Revelation. This is where we get our guidance,  insight and direction. 

  • G-d gives us wisdom within the boundaries of the Word already revealed.  See Daniel 12v3

v29 Repent! Change!

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