The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 22 Part 1

Chapter 22v1-10

In Gen 2v8-17 we see reference to the garden of Eden; which means “garden of adornment”. It was a garden of splendour that G-d had prepared for man. G-d would come and go in this garden, talking to Adam and Eve in the cool of the day (Gens 3v8-10). 

Ezekiel talks about the garden of G-d (Ez 31v8-9). This garden will be better than the garden of Eden, because G-d will be there with His people forever and ever. In chapter 22, John was inspired by the Holy Spirit to show us the connection between the garden of Eden and the garden of G-d. 

v1:Water of life satisfies, is abundant and is eternal. It is good and comes from the throne -out of the rule of G-d. He is the source of abundant and eternal life. 

There is a perfect unity between G-d the Father and G-d the Son, but this does not mean they are the same. They are not. We need to affirm the Trinity. 

v2: In the Garden of Eden there were four rivers. In this city there is just one. In the Garden of Eden there were two significant trees. In the Garden of G-d there is no tree of knowledge of good and evil, only the tree of life. This tree is supernatural – one tree on both sides of the river

The tree will give fruit all year around. This is what G-d expects from His people today – to be ready, and fruitful,  in and out of season (2 Tim 4v2). 

  • There is a difference between the bodies of believers who are raptured (glorified bodies) and those who come to faith after the rapture (they do not receive glorified bodies). This second group of people are going to use the leaves of this tree for the healing of their bodies, for eternity. Each month they are going to partake of the leaves so that they will be able to experience eternity (Like the bodies of Adam and Eve before the fall and curse)

v3: There will be no curse as there is no more sin. G-d’s rule ushers in a new reality. 

v4: The priestly blessing asks the L-rd to make His face shine upon His people (Num 6v22-27). There is a relationship between seeing the face of G-d and being blessed. The angels of children always see the face of G-d (Matt 18v10). The angels are blessed in order to do their work in guarding the children. 

  • His name is synonymous with His character, forehead has to do with thoughts. We are going to think according to the character of G-d. If we walk with G-d we are called to live according to His character. His character is seen in the life, the work and the words of Messiah Yeshua. He never violated the Torah or any of the commandments (1 Pt 2v21-24, 2 Cor 5v21). 

v5:Night has to do with fear. No more fear

  • G-d created light on the first day (Gen 1v3-5). This light was not dependent on the sun, moon or stars, which were only created on the fourth day (Gen 1v14-19).  A time is coming when G-d, and His glory alone, will illuminate His people. 

v6: ‘These words’ refer to everything that this book of Revelation has revealed to us. The significance of prophecy is emphasized in the next few verses. Revelation is difficult to understand if we do not know the prophets. 

  • The word ‘shortly’ in this context does not mean tomorrow or the next day. It means that when these things (revealed to us in the book of Revelation) begin to happen they are going to happen very, very quickly. He tells us this in order to give us insight. If we wait for these things to begin and only then start to make ourselves ready it is going to be too late. We will be caught off guard. 

v8: First John says he  saw and heard and then he changes the word order to heard and saw. This is a Hebrew idiom. It means that he saw these things (this revelation) very clearly and he heard it very clearly – so as to leave no doubt in his mind whatsoever. 

Obviously, it is not right to worship the angel but because the angel had been the source of revealing the Kingdom of G-d to John he instinctively wanted to worship it (see also 19v10).

v9: There is a connection between worship and prophecy. G-d created mankind to worship Him. Prophecy is a great tool to assist us in worshipping G-d. 

v10: This is the exact opposite of what Daniel was told. Daniel was told to seal up the words because they weren’t for his time (Dan 12v9). Revelation is the key to rightly interpret and understand the book of Daniel . When we read any of the prophets, we come away knowing that G-d is Judge.  Prophecy is intended to conform us to the will, the purposes and the plans of G-d. Prophecy helps us to be ready and also to enable us to lead others to be ready for the establishment of the Kingdom of G-d.  

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