The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 22 Part 2

Chapter 22v11-21

v11: These are John’s final concluding remarks to the people reading this book. He is challenging us as to what we are going to do with the words of this prophecy. We have a choice on how we are going to live – unjustly or righteously. Are our lives going to be impacted by Revelation or not?

v12: Messiah Yeshua is coming back to judge. Judgement can be understood in two ways – condemnation or vindication. He will judge us based upon our works (not as a criteria for salvation, salvation is a free gift, but as an outcome of salvation). Will our works be acceptable to Him or rejected by Him ? Will our lives be praiseworthy? Will we have something to lay at His feet?

v13: Yeshua is speaking here. He reveals six characteristics about Himself. The number six relates to grace. 

v14: Nothing has changed – the commandments still reveal the expectations of G-d. There are not two types of righteousness. If anything, what we see is that the application of the Torah, by Messiah, became even more restrictive. “Do not murder” was the law in the Tanakh. Yeshua upped the ante when He put anger and murder on a par in Matt 5v21-22.  There is no disconnect between the Law of Messiah and the Law of the Old Testament. They both reveal the same truth. 

  • There is a relationship between the tree of life and the cross. It is through the cross of Messiah that we inherit eternal life. It is through the cross that our garments (deeds) can be washed clean. 
  • The gates are connected to the twelve tribes. Those who enter into the city do so by a gate that is connected to Israel (i.e. Messiah Yeshua – John 10v9).

v15: Those who reject G-d’s people, His plans and His purposes are going to be outside of the city. Those who can go into the city have accepted what came through Israel  – Messiah Yeshua. You can’t love Messiah and be anti-Semitic. 

v16: Yeshua is talking about John – the author of the book of Revelation. All of these chapters have insight for the churches of G-d. 

Yeshua was the one who created David (He is the root) but He was also the offspring of David. (Ps 110v1– David says to his L-rd… i.e. Messiah) 

v17: There is a relationship between the Spirit and the church. Those who are part of the family of G-d are submitted to the Holy Spirit of G-d. The first Biblical truth about the Spirit of G-d is that He brought order into creation to the point that everything was declared “Good. Very good.” (Gen 1) It is through the Spirit of G-d that order is brought into our lives, so that G-d can look at us, see our deeds and be well pleased.

  • Freely is connected to Isaiah 55v1. Redemption cost something, but we receive it freely. Why? Because of the Redeemer. Messiah is coming to repair the world. He is going to set things in order. 

v18: The prophets give us insight into the person and the work of Messiah. They also tell us what G-d is going to do in order to bring about His Kingdom. There is a horrible outcome for those who tamper with the Word of G-d – the plagues of the trumpet and bowl judgements will be poured out on them.

v19: This book is holy. We can’t add or subtract from it. We need to receive it as it is revealed to us. 

It is very relevant that the book of Revelation comes to an end with a warning. We are going to be either inside the Kingdom or we are going to be outside of it. We need to respond now, as a time is coming when the opportunity to respond will be over.  Before we die, we need to make the decision to receive Messiah into our lives – Heb 9v27 

v20: John received the revelation from an angel, but this angel received everything as a testimony from Yeshua. Revelation 1v1 tells us that this book is a revelation of Messiah Yeshua. 

  • Amen tells us to be faithful i.e. act in truth. 

v21: It is significant that the last thing that Messiah wants to leave the reader of this book with is grace. The foundation of the Kingdom of G-d is the grace of G-d. Redemption makes that grace a reality for you and me. 

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