The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 2


v14 This is a verse describing Yeshua in a unique way. Amen(in Hebrew) means ‘certainty’ or ‘truth’. It is a word used for a response. This congregation was not making the right response to the revelation of G-d.  Yeshua is faithful, true and the supreme ruler -over ALL creation.  He has always existed and has preeminence over all of creation (John 1v1-3)

v15 “I know your works” – G-d is constantly evaluating. Every person. What we believe is seen in the way we behave.  

  • This church lacks passion or strong commitment to G-d’s will and purposes – and G-d can’t stand it.

v16 This is a congregation who is satisfied and well pleased with itself. Wealth has brought them a sense of security…in their own eyes. From G-d’s perspective it is a whole different ball game.

v17 Their earthly standards of measurement fall far short of their dangerous reality. Many people believe today that if they are financially secure G-d is pleased with them. This is not necessarily so. 

  • G-d identifies 5 faults with this congregation. This number speaks of something lacking. 
  • poor – they lack the fruit, power and character of G-d
  • blind – cannot see from G-d’s perspective
  • naked – has to do with shame. 

v18 G-d gives them time to change! 

Are we interested in the counsel of G-d?

  • G-d wants them to embrace the fire/pain of change and become rich in their deeds. (1 Cor 3v12-15) Fire removes impurities. We need to be rich in good deeds- not bank accounts.
  • Put on white clothes -holiness to cover shame. These people are not dressed correctly. 
  • Ointment for eyes to see things from G-d’s perspective. (Are we willing to invite G-d in and see things from His perspective?) It is significant that the final exhortation to this congregation has to do with vision – seeing from G-ds perspective. 

v19 G-d loves this church so rebukes and disciplines them (Hebrews 12v4-11) – He wants things to be set in order.

  • Rebuke/ Discipline forces a change – hopefully (if we earnestly and diligently repent) to conform us to the image of Messiah Yeshua. Reproof and discipline are an outcome of G-d’s love. Don’t run from it, but learn from it. 

v20 This verse highlights intimacy and fellowship with G-d. Just like ‘amen’ (3v14), knocking also demands a response. 

v21 The reward for overcoming these sins:

  • Inheritance. Sons(Heb 12v7) inherit. In this case ruling and reigning with Christ.  True riches! 👑 

It is only through intimacy with G-d that we can overcome. To sit on His throne is a promise of intimacy, love. It is when we have this relationship with G-d that we will have authority to rule with Messiah.

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