The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 1

Day 8 (To be posted on evening of 30th May 2021)

Revelation 5v1-7

v1: The tablets, that had the ten commandments on them, were also written on both sides like this scroll. (see Ex 32v15-16)

In Dan 12v4 (and Dan 12v8-10) Daniel is told to close up and seal the words of a scroll until the end. The implication is that it will then be opened. Amos 3v7, Matt 24v25 – G-d does nothing without revealing His plans.

v2: A strong angel refers to one who is powerful and unique(see also Daniel 12v1) In this chapter we see that in order for the Kingdom of G-d to become a reality, in this world, the scroll has to be opened. It has to be read, and as these words are spoken they too will come into being. (The Kingdom will be like a second creation)

But there is a problem…

v3-4: Left to ourselves, we are utterly helpless, completely unworthy.

v5: The Root – the foundation of the Eternal Kingdom (See Isaiah 11 – Jesse was the father of David.)

ALL hope of Kingdom life, justice, righteousness, and peace rests upon Messiah Yeshua. Yeshua is worthy to open the scroll! (It is only through Him that we are made worthy before G-d).

v6 A Lamb should remind us of Passover, redemption, and an exodus. G-d saved the people who had the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. (Exodus 12-EVERY house had a death – either of a firstborn or of a lamb. Yeshua came to save us by dying (and not to judge) the first time He came -John 12v47-50. When Yeshua comes the 2nd time it will be to judge and to rescue – Acts 17v30-31, Matt 25v31-32, John 5v22-30). Isaiah 11v11 tells us He is going to rescue His people a second time!

· Slain = slaughtered, killed violently

· Horns speak of salvation(Psalm 18v2, Luke 1v68-75) The altar had horns on it(Ex 29v12, 1 Kings 1v50-53)

· Eyes speak of wisdom or knowledge(Prov 15v3, Eph 1v17-18) – G-d knows all things perfectly.

v7: He (Yeshua, the Lamb).. took the scroll – This shows us Yeshua’s divinity and, as we will see in our next reading, He is worthy to be worshipped!

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