The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 2

Revelation 5v8-14

v8 Incense was offered in the Holy place (Leviticus 16v13). There is a relationship between the incense that went up as a pleasing aroma to G-d and the prayers of the saints – our prayers need to be pleasing to G-d. Can we learn to pray in a way that pleases G-d? (Matt 6v5-15, Hebrews 5v7-10, John 17 etc) Yeshua also intercedes for us (Roms 8v34) as does the Holy Spirit (Roms 8v26-27)

v9 A “new” song comes with Yeshua. It should remind us that He has come to make all things NEW. (Rev 21v5, Isaiah 65v17, Jer 31v31)Even we become new creations in Him! (2 Cor 5v17)

v10 G-d’s purposes do not change. In Exodus 19v6-7 G-d told the people what His purpose for their lives was. They responded “yes! ” but their lives never changed. In Exodus 20v18-21 the people were unprepared before G-d. They chose man over G-d. In this verse G-d restates His original purpose. Will we respond appropriately?

v12 Dan 7v13-14, Phil 2v6-11. Messiah emptied and humbled Himself, even to the point of death on a cross. Therefore G-d exalted Him to the highest place. These angels are saying that He is worthy of it all.

v13: The position of the Lamb changes throughout this book. From being near the throne, to being on the right hand of the throne, and more and more He is likened to the One who sits upon the throne. We are given a glimpse into this transition that is happening. The time is coming when the Father gives all aspects of judgement to the Son – who is the King of kings and the L-rd of L-rds.

v14 Amen means “that is true”. It is also a word that demands a response – that of submission.

Whenever we see Messiah Yeshua’ s true identity revealed, when He is proclaimed or when He takes His rightful place, the elders fall down and worship. The more aware we are about what Messiah is doing in our lives, the more we will worship Him.

· ‘Fell down and worshiped Him’ is a total act of surrender. They are in submission and humble before G-d. Humility positions us to worship G-d.

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