The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 1

What we encounter, in this chapter, is not the wrath of G-d, but a part of the tribulation that believers, in the last days, have been called to endure as they go through it. (Matthew 24v13).

v1 Come and see: This is an invitation to see what the future (as told to the prophets) holds. Are we willing and interested enough to respond to this invitation? (Hosea 4v6) Responding involves moving, from the position we are in, and seeing things from a new perspective. It is only when we know what to expect that we can prepare ourselves properly.

v2 This is not Yeshua on the white horse. White does stand for purity and peace but this horseman is bent on conquest (false peace). White also means ‘conquering’ (When someone acknowledges that they have been conquered they raise a white flag to show submission).

· A bow is a weapon which was used in conquest.

· Conquering and to conquer: The word ‘conquer’ is repeated, emphasised – leaving no doubt, in our minds, as to what this horseman’s purpose is.

The world is going to be brought into submission by this first rider. He is a conqueror. He takes control by removing all opposition. He also takes control in order to shed blood (He conquers a fourth of the Earth – 6v8).

v4 The red horse brings about war and bloodshed.

· A great sword = many deaths. See Matt 24v6-8, Luke 21v9-10 We are commanded not to be frightened.

v5: Black speaks of death. Famine and pestilence cause death – widespread hunger (Matt 24v7, Luke 21v11).

· Scales were used to weigh things to find out how much they were worth.

v6 The price of food will soar (A denarius is a normal man’s daily wage) – this usually happens in a time of pestilence or famine.

· Oil, in the Bible, often speaks of the Holy Spirit.

· Wine speaks of joy. Despite the atrocities and hardships the joy of the Holy Spirit will be undamaged and still available to us who want it. Our joy is not based upon our circumstances but rooted in our relationship with Messiah Yeshua. There is still time to know G-d and His salvation.

v8 In Jeremiah 30v5-6, the men, who are in excruciating pain, have a face with a greenish hue (this greenish hue is translated “pale”). This greenish horse is being ridden by a rider named “Death”. Death is NEVER synonymous with G-d (John 10v10).

We are told that this fourth rider comes out of hell (Hades). These seals and horsemen are NOT an outpouring of the wrath of G-d, NOR are they His judgements. What we see here is satanic persecution. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we will not go through satanic persecution. Messiah had to endure it when satan moved against Him. In the same way, satan will move against us, causing us to be hated by the world (Matthew 10v22).

All the horsemen are connected to each other. They are all rooted in satan. satan will bring about a lot of change to the Earth. There is going to come a day when extremism will no longer be tolerated and the antichrist will seek to stomp it out for a religion based on “tolerance”. Believing in Messiah Yeshua, and in the Bible, will cause us to be labelled “extremist”.

These horseman have authority to slay 1/4 of the world

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