The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 2

v9 Altars are a place of sacrifice or death. These believers were killed for valuing the Word of G-d and for living out the truth found in the Bible.

Matt 24v9-10, Luke 21v12-19. These verses in Luke give great insight into what our response should be should we fall into this category.

v10 ‘dwell upon the Earth’: The allegiance of these people is to the Earth – to the antichrist. They are earthly minded.

v11 ‘Be killed as they were’ – this is yet future. Up to this point, the wrath of G-d has not even been alluded to. The first announcement, of its imminence, is with the sixth seal (6v16); although, even then, it still remains on the horizon. All of these first five seals have to do with satanic persecution and are not an outcome of G-d’s wrath.

v12 By using the word ‘behold’ G-d is trying to capture our attention.

· This earthquake announces something that will have global implications.

Within prophecy there are clues to help us arrive at the proper conclusion. (e.g. In Matthew 24v29 the moon does not turn red – here it does not give light. This verse speaks of a different event to the time referred to in Revelation 6v12. i.e. Matthew 24v29 refers to the 2nd coming of Messiah)

The first time Scripture references the sun becoming dark and the moon turning to blood is in Joel 2v31. In this Scripture, the wrath of G-d is announced. In Joel it alludes to the fact that this is the last chance for people to turn and call upon the name of the L-rd, before the wrath of G-d falls. These verses (Revelation 6v12 and Joel 2v31) announce the nearness of the rapture. (Messiah gathering up those who have been redeemed)

· Sackcloth alludes to a time of repentance. A (blood) red moon links repentance and redemption – a visual picture to remind us of the blood of the Lamb.

v13 John is about to announce the wrath of G-d.

v14 G-d is bringing about a change; it is going to effect the whole world.

V15 Rich or poor. Strong or weak. There is no difference between them at this point. They have not called upon the name of the L-rd to save them. Instead…

v16 …they call on the mountains and rocks. This is the first time that the wrath of G-d is mentioned. It has not yet fallen but is imminent. When these people felt the earthquake and saw the sun and moon changing colour, instead of repenting and calling on the name of the L-rd (as Joel had advised them to do – Joel 2v32), they tried to hide, calling on the rocks and mountains to help them instead.

v17: As believers we have been promised that we are not appointed to suffer wrath, but we are going to receive salvation through Messiah Yeshua (1 Thessalonians 5v9)

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