The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 2

Revelation 7v9-17

v9: G-d rescues, from all over the world, all who have called on the name of Messiah Yeshua (Joel 2v32, Acts 4v12) They have not been appointed for wrath (1 Thess 5v9) and have received their blessed hope, the rapture (Titus 2v13, Matt 24v22)

· The Lamb, in Revelation, refers to the same lamb as the one used for Passover

· White robes – purified

· Palm branches etc are waved at the Feast of Tabernacles(Lev 23v40-41)Time of feasting, joy and celebration(such a contrast between what is happening in heaven and on earth)

v10 They say ‘salvation belongs to our G-d’ because they have received the full outcome of their salvation – clothed with a new body. (2 Cor 5v1-5)

v11: It is only because of a salvation experience that we can truly worship G-d.

v14 These are the people who have died (or been martyred) in Yeshua (1 Thess 4v16)

These are also those who have never tasted death but were rescued in the rapture (1 Thess 4v17) They are, all together, (after Messiah Yeshua who was the first fruit) the first of the harvest of resurrection into the Kingdom of G-d. (1 Cor 15v20-23) These are all of those who have died, or who have lived, by faith, in Messiah Yeshua.

v15-17 Amazing promises of hope that believers can cling to as they go through turbulent times at the end. (1 Peter 1v3-12)

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