The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 9v1-12

v1: This star is not an inanimate object but is another kind of angel. We see a transition occurring here. Up to this point, we have seen things coming from the heavens affecting the earth (trumpets 1-4). Likewise, this star also comes from the heavens to affect the earth but, from here onwards, things come from within the earth itself to affect it.

· The bottomless pit: Hell comes to earth.

v2: Darkness is coming upon this world. G-d’s purpose is to bring about redemption – in Exodus this began in darkness (at midnight – Ex 12v29) The darker it is the brighter a light shines. G-d will bring the effects of darkness, from the pit of hell, into this world. These people, while they still have an opportunity to repent, are given a taste of what darkness will be like.

There will be a stark contrast between the world of darkness and the G-d who is light (Jn 8v12)

v3: These locusts are supernatural and very different from normal locusts (this is seen in 9v4 – they didn’t harm what normal locusts usually do). From hell, they love pain and destruction.

· Scorpions have an extremely painful sting. Those who are still alive are going to be shown the effects/pain of sin, the outcome of rejecting G-d’s truth (Matt 10v28).

v4: The grass was burned up at the sounding of the first trumpet(8v7) but it has had time to grow again.

Harm… those who did not have the seal– G-d makes a distinction between the remnant of the people of Israel, and those who are not in covenantal relationship with Him. (see Ex 8v22-23)

v5: These people experience living hell for a 5 month period. There is still a chance and time for them to repent and escape ETERNAL hell. This is the extent that G-d will go to in order to bring people to repentance. He does not want anyone to perish, but wants everyone to come to repentance (2 Pt 3v9).

v6: These people still seek the wrong thing. They seek death rather than G-d They think death is their way out/escape.

v7-10: These locusts are armed for warfare – not for the purpose of destruction, but for the hope (they are under G-d’s authority and conditions) that many people would be brought to deliverance/salvation.

v11: Abaddon/Apollyon mean ‘destruction’; ‘that which brings about peril’.

V12 The first woe was bad, but the 2nd one will be worse and the 3rd even worse. These people sought death, not a Saviour. They did not repent or call out to G-d to save them. Death is not an escape. It is a transition into either eternal life or eternal damnation. Yeshua went back to heaven to prepare a place for us, but He sent the Holy Spirit to counsel and lead us into all truth (John 16v13). If people reject salvation they spend eternity in torment. They are foolish. Foolishness, Biblically, is when you know something, but you will not respond to it or put it into action.

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