The Book of Revelation Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 2

Revelation 9v13-21

v13: These words, ‘before G-d’, teach us that G-d is in control. This is all happening as an outcome of His will. He sets before every person life or death (Deut 30v15-20). If we choose to obey, and submit to Him, we are blessed. If we choose to rebel we are cursed.

v14: The Middle East is key to understanding Bible prophecy. If we are wise we will pay close attention to it. (The Euphrates is located in modern day Turkey, Syria and Iraq.) Yeshua also commanded us to watch the fig tree (Matt 24v32-35, Lk 21v29-33) so that we can understand the times, and know where we are on the prophetic calendar. Hosea tells us that the fig tree is Israel (Hosea 9v10). Exiled for nearly 2000 years, she went back to her own land in 1948!

v15: A very large amount of people die in a very short space of time. G-d ups the ante. He is the King of kings, and does not tolerate sin. He would provide grace, mercy and forgiveness to these people, but they are not seeking this.

v16: These horsemen could be:

1. A demonic army

2. A coalition of armies from many nations

3. (Not necessarily) From one specific nation

v17 -18: This army is bringing about death. They represent Heavenly judgement coming upon this world. G-d allows this judgement –the cause of it: SIN

· Fire, smoke and brimstone represent hell. G-d will move, in an undeniable way, to show that hell is a reality and that His Word is true. The only way to escape hell is to accept His mercy and forgiveness through Messiah Yeshua (Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life; without Him we face eternal death – John 14v6)

v19 Serpent here is the same word as the one that was in the garden of Eden. It brings into our understanding a satanic aspect. It unites this judgement (punishment and consequences) with rebelliousness. Adam and Eve rebelled against the truth of G-d.

Heads has to do with intelligence; an ability to see. They act for one purpose – to bring devastation.

v20-21: The 2/3rds that were left went on as before…G-d is giving them opportunity to repent but they still don’t see a need to and they continue to choose death

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