The Book of Revelation Chapter 19 Part 1

Chapter 19v1-10

v1: After these things: i.e. after the judgements…. those who have a heavenly perspective give glory and praiseto G-d for what He has done by His judgements. Why?

v2: For true and righteous are His judgements! His judgements manifest His glory, and show that He is the L-rd of lords. Chemotherapy causes destruction of rapidly growing cancer cells. Despite its destruction of cells it is considered ‘good’ as it aids in the healing process. In much the same way judgement can be viewed as causing destruction in order to bring about salvation. Judgement is a part of the healing process. G-d’s judgement can be seen as vindication of His servants.

v3: smoke rises up forever and ever: This is a clear depiction that G-d’s judgement is not temporary but is eternal. 

v4: These elders were given thrones, and great honour, in heaven. Despite this, almost every time they are mentioned, they get up from their thrones and fall down on their faces in order to worship G-d. Elders are chosen because they have learned to put truth into action (1 Tim 3v1-7). These elders attribute all that they were able to do to G-d. He was the One who enabled them to act in the manner that they did. 

  • G-d sits upon the throne. The throne is a reference to judgement. The elders and the creatures are praising G-d for His judgements.
  • Amen speaks of truth. Truth creates an environment where the worship of G-d can be maintained. 

v5: Throughout this book our attention is constantly drawn back to the throne of G-d. Those who are going to be in the Kingdom are spoken of as servants of G-d. There is a connection between serving G-d and the fear of G-d. (Fear means to make G-d the priority of our lives.) When G-d is the priority we find ourselves serving Him. 

v6: When Messiah came the first time He came as the Redeemer (paying the price for our sins, purchasing our salvation) and not as the Judge (Jn 3v17). He did the work of salvation to make the grace of G-d available to us. 

When Messiah Yeshua comes back the second time He is coming as Judge, the ‘L-rd of Hosts’. (Jn 5v22, Matt 25v31-46)

 G-d’s judgement came upon the Egyptians at the red sea – Moses told the people to stand still and see the salvation of the L-rd (Ex 14v13-14). G-d judged, but the outcome was salvation for His people. G-d, who is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13v8) was spoken of, at the Red Sea, as a “man of war’ (Ex 15v3)

When Yeshua came the first time He came as the Lamb of G-d. When He comes again it will be as the Righteous King. 

v7: It is only through redemption (the Lamb) that we will have part in this banquet. Marriage is a relationship that is established upon a covenant.

To be made ready is to be sanctified. Holiness has entered into their lives; not only in a declarative way but also in an expressive manner – living out the purposes and call of G-d in our lives. The marriage banquet is the inauguration of the Kingdom of G-d. Those who will partake of this banquet have made themselves ready for this Kingdom. 

v8: Garments speak of deeds. If we do not have good deeds (not for salvation, but as an outcome of salvation) we are considered naked and shameful. Those who have built on the right foundation, who have been motivated by the truth of G-d and have applied it to their lives, will have righteous and holy deeds. 

v9: It’s only through the cross of Messiah that we can enter and partake of the wedding feast. The Kingdom is synonymous with blessing – those who are invited in are blessed. 

The angel told John that the revelation he is receiving is factual (true) and therefore can be depended upon. 

v10: John linked together the glory of the Kingdom with the angel who was revealing it to him. The natural outcome of revelation is worship. We need to ensure that we worship G-d, who is the original source of revelation, and not worship those who are vessels bringing it to us. 

We have been saved in order to carry the testimony of Yeshua. His life (words and works), by the power of the Holy Spirit, needs to be lived out through our lives. We need to manifest G-d’s glory while we are still alive. Those who have the testimony of Yeshua worship G-d. 

The testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy: We need to be a people who understand prophetic truth. 

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