The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 3

Let’s read Romans 1:18-25

G-d reveals truth to all men (and women) so that they can make a right decision – the right decision being to submit to that truth. All people are without excuse. If we submit to G-d’s truth it brings a righteous change into our lives through the Holy Spirit. 

v18: Wrath: The judgment of G-d.

  • All: There is no exception. 
  • Ungodliness and unrighteousness: The gospel produces righteousness, G-dliness, within us. The rejection of that gospel produces just the opposite – unrighteousness and ungodliness. 
  • Suppress the truth: It is not that they are ignorant or unknowing of what truth is. They know what the truth is, yet they choose to suppress it or have nothing to do with it. This word ‘suppress’ is the same word used in 2 Thess 2:7 where it is translated “restrain”. Suppressing the truth doesn’t mean that the truth is taken out of the way or removed. It simply means that its hands are tied (so to speak) and it cannot function in their lives due to the presence of unrighteousness. 

v19: What may be known of G-d is manifest in them: They know that G-d exists.

  • Them: Those who are ultimately going to receive the wrath of G-d.
  • G-d has shown it to them: G-d has put the knowledge that He exists into every human being. 

v20: The creation of the world: Because creation exists, we must logically conclude that there is a Creator. Things do not happen by random chance. The “saviour” for evolutionists is time. They have bought into the lie that anything can happen if given enough time. No matter how many times you throw words or letters into the air they will never come down as a perfectly ordered and alphabetical dictionary. It is impossible. Likewise, many people want us to believe that creation is simply a random act of nothingness that came into being. This too, is an impossibility. We see the order of G-d in His creation.

  • His invisible attributes: His unseen qualities. Although we cannot see Him with our eyes, we can understand His character through what He has created. 
  • G-dhead: His divinity. G-d is not created. He is not like us. He is superior, unique, greater. 
  • They are without excuse: Those who are going to experience G-d’s wrath knew, inherently (through their conscience), that there is a G-d, but they did not respond properly to Him. 

v21: Futile in their thoughts: Their thinking had no significance. They thought in vain. They did not reason correctly. When we know G-d exists, but we reject this, or are defiant toward Him, then it begins a process in our lives whereby our thinking becomes warped and produces nothing of goodness or substance, nothing that G-d takes pleasure in. 

  • Foolish hearts: Foolish thinking (Heart is related to thoughts – Prov 23:7)
  • Darkened: They receive no illumination or revelation. This is a spiritual principle. When we reject truth, our hearts change. When we constantly choose to reject truth, our hearts become hard (Like Pharaohs did at the time of the exodus). When our hearts are hard, we can no longer see things clearly anymore and we are easily deceived. 

v22: Note: Even in an unregenerated (sinful) state, G-d is able to communicate with us through our consciences. Don’t believe the falsehood that because someone is not yet saved, they cannot understand anything in regard to the Bible. Even unbelievers know that they should not steal etc. However, when we constantly reject G-d’s Word, and we put it aside when He convicts us of something, it will cause our consciences to become seared to such a degree that we begin to see things incorrectly, and we can be easily manipulated by the enemy. 

v23: Note: Instead of worshiping G-d they begin to worship men and created things. This doesn’t happen overnight. This happens as a process. These people do not want to submit to and obey the Word of G-d, so they slowly go further and further away from truth until they arrive at this place of false worship. 

  • Creeping things: Those things that crawl upon the earth (Gen 1:26)

v24: G-d gave them up: G-d rejected them.

  • Dishonour their bodies: They began to behave in a way that dishonoured their bodies. We were created in the image of G-d. This means that we are called to reflect the character of G-d – to behave like He would behave. Instead of behaving like G-d, these people begin to behave differently. 

v25: Exchanged the truth: They had the truth. G-d had put it into them, but they had rejected this truth and swapped it out for a lie. 

  • Worshipped and served: They had reverence for. Falsehood became the priority in their lives. 
  • Served the creature rather than the Creator: They put their emphasis upon that which is created rather than on the One who created it.
  • Blessed forever and ever: It is only through Yeshua, the Creator (Col 1:15-18), the Word, that we can have eternal life and hope. 

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