The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 4

Let’s go on to Romans 11:25-29

G-d, in a unique way, called the Jewish people into a covenant with Himself. They were chosen by G-d for the purpose of being used as a blessing to the nations (Gen 12:3). G-d’s purposes never change. No matter what, the Jewish people were going to fulfil His purpose, the question was how were they going to do it? Through their obedience or through their disobedience? It was, sadly, through their transgression (their disobedience) that the gospel went forth into the world, with the result that the nations WERE/ARE blessed with many non-Jews (Gentiles) coming to faith in Messiah. 

As believers we need to be aware of another one of G-d’s unchanging purposes, and this purpose relates to the end time Jewish people. Prophetically G-d has revealed to us that in the last days, before His Kingdom is established on earth, a remnant of the Jewish people is going to be brought to faith in Messiah.  

v25: Brethren: Paul is speaking to all believers, but here, especially, he is speaking to those who are not of Jewish descent. 

  • (Ignorant) Against knowing: This is not the word for ignorant. These people are not unaware of this, G-d has revealed it to them, but they chose to wilfully go against G-d’s Word in this matter. This is a word that has a degree of rebellion attached to it. 
  • Wise in your own opinion: To understand this mystery, we cannot rely on our own understanding. If we rely upon our own thought processes to try to figure out this mystery it will lead to us being against knowing it. Why? Because all truth has to be received by revelation. G-d does not want us to be wise in our own understanding but to rely upon His revelation, His Word. 
  • In part: Partially. Down through the ages, there has always been a remnant of Jewish believers. A part of them have always responded to the gospel. 
  • In part…until: These words reveal to us that we need to anticipate a time to come when the gospel will no longer be met with hardened Jewish hearts, but their hearts will be responsive to the gospel, and they will recognise Yeshua as their Messiah (Zechariah 12). 
  • The fullness of the Gentiles has come in: This is the event that is going to trigger a spiritual change in the Jewish people. When all the Gentiles who are going to enter into the Kingdom of G-d have entered into (been grafted into) the Kingdom then a change is going to come about for the Jewish people. 

v26: All Israel will be saved: This is not referring to every single Jewish person receiving salvation. Paul has already given us a definition of who is included in Israel in Roms 9:6-7 – not all Jewish people are of Israel, but all Kingdom people make up Israel. These Kingdom people are comprised of both Jewish and Gentile believers. From G-d’s perspective, Israel is made up of Kingdom people – there will be both a Jewish component and a Gentile component in the Kingdom of G-d. When that Gentile component reaches its fullness then G-d is going to turn to Israel (that Jewish component) to bring that remnant to salvation. Once that Jewish component reaches its fullness then all of Israel will be considered as being saved. All the Kingdom people are saved by the same means – by the gospel.

  • It is written: The New Testament authors relied heavily on the Old Testament writings to support what they taught. In order to understand the New Testament, we need to understand the Old, as there is a close relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Paul quotes here from Isaiah 59:20.
  • Deliverer: Redeemer. G-d’s work of redemption was done on Passover. Yeshua, Messiah, the perfect Lamb of G-d, was crucified at Passover (the Passover in Egypt – Exodus 12 – foreshadows Yeshua’s work of redemption on the cross). 
  • Out of Zion: The Old Testament understanding of this (according to Isaiah 59:20) was that the Redeemer would come ‘to’ Zion (which He does – inward focus). The New Testament revelation of it is that the Redeemer comes ‘out of’ Zion. This places an emphasis on the fact that the Redeemer (Messiah Yeshua) comes out of Kingdom purpose – outward focus. He comes to fulfil a Kingdom plan. Yeshua does come to Zion, but for the purpose of the Kingdom. 
  • Ungodliness: Every aspect of sin that is against the righteousness of G-d is going to be dealt with by Messiah Yeshua and His work of redemption.   
  • Jacob: A reference to the Jewish people.

Note: At the second coming of Messiah, He is going to, primarily, do three things:

  1. Deliver Israel (the Jewish people) physically from their enemies. He is going to bring judgment upon their enemies – who are also G-d’s enemies. 
  2.  He is going to deliver them spiritually from all forms of ungodliness, sin, transgression or iniquity.
  3. He’s going to establish His Kingdom on earth. 

v27: This is My covenant with them: G-d is going to fulfil His covenantal obligations to the Jewish people. G-d is faithful to His covenant. 

  • When I take away their sins:  A time is coming when G-d, in a mighty way, is going to take away their sins. Yeshua has already done the work for this on the cross (2000years ago). However, until we receive this work there is no merit for it or no effectiveness of it in our lives – until we have received it by faith. This verse is revealing to us that we should expect a time to come when a large remnant of Jewish people (one -third of the Jewish people, according to Zech 13:8-9) will come to faith in Messiah and have their sins taken away (Zech 13:1-2). 

v28: Concerning the gospel they are enemies: Not all of the Jewish people but the majority of them were against (were enemies of, rejected) the message of the gospel. 

  • Election: Election and predestination have nothing to do with who goes to heaven or who goes to hell.They are simply choices that G-d has made in regard to His purposes. He chose Esau (elected or predestined Esau) to serve his younger brother Jacob (Gen 25:23). He chose Pharoah (elected him) to be the instrument that magnified His Name (Ex 9:16). He has chosen us believers (predestined us) to be like Messiah (Eph 1:4-5). Similarly, in His Sovereignty, He chose (elected) the Jewish people to be a blessing, to serve, the nations (Gen 12:3). 
  • Fathers: The patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. G-d is going to be faithful to the promises He made to the patriarchs, and He is going to work to fulfil His covenant promises as He does not violate His Word. 

v29: Irrevocable: This means they will NOT change, as G-d does not change. G-d called Israel for a purpose. He equipped them, gave them gifts (primarily His Word) and abilities that they would be able to use to accomplish His purpose. Even though they have gone through a long period of disobedience and rebellion (they have been faithless) G-d will remain faithful to His Word and He will bring a remnant of the Jewish people to faith in the last days.

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