The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 5

We finish off Romans 11: Romans 11:30-36

v30: You: Paul is speaking to the Gentiles in a general sense. Just as there has always been a remnant of Jewish believers so too has there been a remnant of faith filled Gentiles (Rahab, Ruth etc).

  • Once: In the past
  • Disobedient to G-d: Gentiles, generally, had pagan religions and worshipped idols.
  • You have now obtained mercy: G-d paid the price. He forgave the iniquity of the nations when they ceased being disobedient and received the gospel. 

v31: These also have now been disobedient: The disobedience of the Jewish nation, on the whole, brought the gospel, the means of mercy, to the world. 

Note: The Gentiles were disobedient, but G-d gave them mercy. In the last days G-d is going   to do the same thing for the Jewish people – like the Gentiles they have been disobedient to G-d, but He is going to extend His mercy toward them.

v32: Committed them all to disobedience: G-d knew that all of mankind would be turned over to disobedience. It did not catch Him by surprise. In His wisdom He had a plan. He sent His Son into the world so that all, in the end, would have the opportunity to receive mercy. 

v33: Riches: Wealth

  • The depth of the riches: Paul is praising G-d regarding His plan that He has put into place – giving mercy to all people, Jew and Gentile. 
  • Unsearchable: We cannot understand G-d’s judgments. They are glorious. 
  • His ways past finding out: G-d’s ways are incomprehensible to us. He is beyond us.

v34: Who has become His counsellor: We cannot counsel G-d. We have to simply accept what His Word reveals. 

v35: Who has …given to Him: There has never been a time when G-d needed something that a human being had to supply for Him. G-d is not a debtor. He does not owe anyone anything. 

v36: Of Him and through Him and to Him are all things: G-d is supreme.

  • To whom be glory: Everyone who receives the gospel will want to glorify G-d. They realise that everything they possess is received from Him, to be used for His glory. 

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  1. I loved this teaching in Romans. Gave me more understanding than originally before. This last chapter is one of my favorites because G-d’s eyes are on the Jews.

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