The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 12 Part 2

We go on to a short portion: Romans 12:6-8

Paul admonishes all believers to not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed. This transformation prepares us to serve G-d. It is also through utilising the spiritual gifts that G-d has given us that we can accomplish His purposes. The moment we believe, the Holy Spirit enters into us. Because of His presence, every believer is given at least one (and sometimes multiple) spiritual gift. Sometimes the Holy Spirit can equip us with a gift specific to a time or season that we are in.  

v6: Gifts differing: Referring to the variety of gifts that can be found within the body of believers. This variety of gifts totally equips or fully prepares the body of believers, worldwide, to carry out G-d’s will. 

  • According to the grace: It is only when we receive the grace of G-d that the Holy Spirit will enter our lives and bring spiritual gifts into them. There is a relationship between the grace of G-d and spiritual gifts. It is through grace that we are saved, but it is also through grace that we go through regeneration – become a new creation (Titus 2:11-13). 
  • Given to us: Paul is speaking to all believers. 
  • Prophecy: In much of Paul’s writings, he emphasises prophecy. Prophecy relates to the truth of G-d. Prophecy is a catalyst for bringing things into the order of G-d.
  • Prophecy…faith: There is a connection between prophecy and faith. Although prophecy does have a degree of revealing the future attached to it, it was used primarily (as we see in the Old Testament) to point out those things in the lives of the people that were displeasing to G-d. This revelation of the truth of G-d in people’s lives was a call for them to change, to repent (spiritual renewal). Prophecy was a catalyst in turning people back to the ways of G-d, embracing the truth of G-d and doing the will of G-d (1 Cor 14:3)

v7: Ministry: This is a very general gift and can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Doing ministry involves helping others, being a blessing to them, and having an impact on them so that they can be placed in positions whereby they are equipped and enabled to fulfil the purposes of G-d.  

  • Ministering: When we believe we have a spiritual gift we should not wait around for a specific event before we begin to utilise it. We need to begin to use it as quickly as possible because as we begin to use it the anointing and the releasing of that gift is going to be manifested. 
  • He who teaches, in teaching: Those who are called to teach will find that as they begin to teach the anointing is going to be manifested. 

v8: Exhortation: Encouraging others, influencing others, to be committed to the things of G-d.

  • Gives: Some people have the gift of giving (time, finances, resources etc). This gift needs to be administered in generosity. It is often as people give generously that G-d supplies more to them so that they are able to accomplish greater things through generosity. 
  • The one who is in leadership, with diligence: Those who lead need to do so with diligence. When they are diligent in their position of leadership this gift of leadership will grow and they will be empowered with what is necessary to make them good leaders. 
  • Shows mercy: Extending mercy to others (forgiving them) is a spiritual gift. When we forgive others freely, generously, cheerfully etc this is going to impact others and cause them to also want to be people who forgive. G-d has forgiven us so much. This spurs us on to also forgive others.  

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