The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 2

On to Romans 13:9-14

When we are led by the Spirit we are going to live righteously. This means that we are going to live in such a way as to bring glory and honour to G-d. 

v9: Note: This verse again reveals to us how foundational the law is. 

Bear false witness: Tell lies about.

v10: Love: Referring to the love that G-d has given us. If all the commandments had to be broken down into their most essential ‘ingredient’ it would be found that love would be the motivating factor behind every command. 

v11: This: Referring to the primary matter, referring to what is most important (in this context Paul is referring to this primary matter as being the transition from this world into the establishment of the Kingdom of G-d).

  • Knowing the time: We need to have discernment about the time or the season that we are in, and, prophetically, the season that we are approaching. Knowing the time that we are in should cause us to think and behave differently. 
  • High time to awake: The time of sleeping is over. There are two possibilities for believers in this regard: we are either going to be asleep to the signs of the seasons that we are approaching, or we are going to be watching for them. We have been called to watch, to be ready, and to be found faithful in these last days. 
  • Our salvation: There are two ways that we can understand salvation:
  • It can be understood as the forgiveness of our sins and of us being justified by faith before G-d (being reconciled to G-d). 
  • Many of the writers in the New Testament speak of salvation not in the above sense alone but they speak of it in terms of victory, in terms of deliverance – being saved or delivered from our enemies in this world. 

v12: Night is far spent, the day is at hand: There is a time of transition coming. It is a transition that involves the darkness of this world giving way to light. Light is synonymous with the Kingdom of G-d (Zech 14:6-7).

  • Cast off the works of darkness: We are not to do the works of darkness. 
  • Armour: A good study of this word will reveal that Paul is not speaking about armour here, but about weapons (in the plural). 
  • (Weapons) of light: Kingdom weapons. These weapons include living righteously, not submitting to the antichrist and the spirit of lawlessness etc. It is when we live righteously that we manifest the glory of G-d.

v13: Walk properly: This means that we need to live according to the truth of G-d.

  • Revelry: Debauchery. This is improper behaviour. It is behaviour that is riotous.

Note: The behaviours that Paul lists here are inappropriate or improper behaviours. It is never appropriate for us to give in to these behaviours. 

v14: Put on (clothe yourself with) the L-rd Messiah Yeshua: Although as believers we are called to demonstrate that Yeshua is L-rd of our lives everyday it becomes especially important for us to do so in the last days. In the last days it is our final opportunity to demonstrate that we belong to G-d, to bear witness to others, to have a G-d-pleasing testimony. 

  • Make no provision: We are to give no forethought to our fleshly or physical needs (ie: we are not to make decisions based upon our flesh or our physical well-being). If we make decisions based on our flesh, we are going to miss out on the truth of righteous living. When we submit to our flesh, we are serving the wrong lord or master. 

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