The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 15 Part 1

Romans 15:1-6

v1: Strong…weak: In this verse, Paul talks about two groups of people. In English these words are often translated as people who are strong and people who are weak. However, in the original these words have more to do with those who are capable (they are able to do something) and those who are incapable of something. They are words that are related to spiritual maturity. 

  • Bear with the scruples: In order to be able to bear with the doubts and hesitations of others we need to have the right perspective. We need to be able to think clearly and properly. To bear with others means that we need to support and assist them. As much as we are able to, we need to make up what is lacking with them. 
  • The weak: There are people in our congregations who are incapable, who lack something. This lack is not due to rebellion or because they don’t love G-d. This lack is due to spiritual immaturity – they still need to grow. These people need to be edified, so instead of pushing them aside or scolding them for not being able to do what needs to be done we’re called to put up with their inadequacies – and not just put up with their inadequacies, but we need to assist them, to use the situations they find themselves in  to help them to grow and mature so that in the end they can meet the objectives that G-d wants them to fulfil. 
  • Not to please ourselves: Our goal should not be about fulfilling our own needs or about getting what we want. Part of G-d’s goal for our lives is that we assist others and help them to grow. 

v2: Let each of us please his neighbour: The foundation of the law, its primary message, is to love our neighbour as ourselves (Gal 5:14). G-d has not saved us in order for us to live to please ourselves. It is not about us. G-d desires us to do things in light of the needs of our neighbour (our fellow human beings).            

  • Good: ‘Good’ is related to the will of G-d. We want to behave in a way that brings about the fulfilment of the will of G-d in the lives of other people.   
  • To edification: We need to be concerned about being an edifying influence in the lives of others so that the will of G-d can be accomplished in their lives and so that they grow in maturity and in capability. 

v3: Even Messiah: When Yeshua is spoken of it is usually in one of two ways: either it is emphasized that He is the Son of G-d (His divinity), or it is emphasised that He is the Son of man (His humanity). When the emphasis is placed on His humanity it reveals the perfect example for us to follow. 

  • Did not please Himself: Yeshua did not come to earth in order to please Himself. 
  • It is written: Messiah’s purpose was to fulfil the Word of G-d. We, too, should be concerned about fulfilling the Word of G-d – living in a way that is right and pleasing before G-d, so that we can fulfil the will of G-d. This is quoted from Psalm 69:9
  • The reproaches …fell on Me: Messiah took the reproaches that we were meant to receive, He took our shame. 

v4: Whatever things were written: The context of this is that it has been written in the Scripture. 

  • Patience: Endurance
  • Comfort: Encouragement  
  • Hope: Hope is a Kingdom word. It is in the Kingdom that our hopes will be realised. It is in the Kingdom that we are going to receive the promises and blessings of G-d. Having hope causes us to be encouraged, it causes us to endure. 

v5: Like-minded: We are called to think as Messiah thinks and to persevere and overcome the things of this world like He did. 

v6: One mind: Have a similar desire or passion to what Yeshua has.  

  • Glorify.. G-d: This is our objective or goal. No matter what we get or don’t get, what we lose or what we gain our purpose should always be that in all things we glorify G-d. 

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