The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 15 Part 3

We begin this week with Romans 15:14-21

v14: I myself: Paul is convinced about this, and he is emphatic about it. 

  • You: Referring to this congregation in Rome. 
  • Full of goodness: Paul is convinced that these individuals, like him, are committed to the will of G-d – ie loving their neighbour as they love themselves. 
  • Filled with all knowledge: The Holy Spirit fills us with all the knowledge (the truth, Biblical revelation or insight) that we need so that we are able to obey G-d and carry out His will. Disobedience never has an excuse. 
  • Admonish: We are called to influence others or help them to bring about a change in their lives whereby the order of G-d is maintained, and the will/purposes of G-d are accomplished. Paul was convinced that this congregation in Rome were fully equipped to be an influence on others. 

v15: Brethren: Fellow believers – both male and female. 

  • The grace given to me: Paul was excited and passionate about the call upon his life. Grace equips us to obey the call of G-d (Titus 2:12).  

v16: That I might be a minister (servant) of Messiah Yeshua to the Gentiles: Paul personifies Israel. G-d supernaturally called the Jewish nation to be a blessing and a light to the Gentiles (Gen 12:3). Being a light to the Gentiles means that the Jewish nation was called to give the nations the revelation and truth of G-d. When we live obedient to G-d’s truth we are blessed. 

  • Ministering: A sacred (priestly) service. Paul was called to minister in the house of G-d. 
  • The gospel: The gospel is good news – specifically about redemption. Atonement was a temporary covering over the sin. The sin was still present however, although the atonement allowed for the judgment of that sin to be postponed or delayed. Atonement was a short-term solution to the problem of sin. Redemption is superior to atonement. Redemption is not a covering over of a person’s sin. It is a complete removal of them. Redemption doesn’t delay G-d’s judgment – it removes the need for G-d’s judgment. This is why the gospel is the good news!
  • Sanctified by the Holy Spirit: If we are going to do anything pleasing to G-d we must be led by the Spirit of G-d. The Holy Spirit is foundational for everything in our lives that honours or glorifies G-d. 

v17: Reason to glory: Rejoice. Boast. 

  • The things which pertain to G-d: Paul is not wrapped up in the things of this world, but he is Kingdom minded. 

v18: Make the Gentiles obedient: The nations are obeying G-d. 

  • (Obedient) in word and deed: Obedience is not legalism. Legalism is when we have to do something to be saved or to maintain our salvation.

v19: Illyricum: Today this is the Balkan states – former Yugoslavia and its surrounds. Paul ministered through Asia Minor, Europe and the Balkan states of today. 

v20: Made it my aim: This was Paul’s ambition or aspiration – to preach the gospel. He was committed to this, as it had value and significance for him. 

v21: It is written: Quoted from Isaiah 52:15

  • He was not announced (proclaimed): The work of Messiah had not been proclaimed to the Gentiles, so Paul was making it known to them. Paul wanted to be a source of revelation for the Gentiles. 

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