The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 16 Part 2

Our last reading in Romans is from Romans 16:17-27

v17: Urge: Paul is encouraging these believers to do the right and proper things in the eyes of the L-rd. To exhort/urge means to strongly encourage, to put pressure on them to do the right thing. Staying obedient to Scripture positions and equips us to do the right things. 

  • Note those: Watch out. Pay attention to – oftentimes this is paying attention to those things which are threatening to us. This is a word that encourages us to exercise caution. 
  • Offenses: Literally: ‘scandals’Where there are scandals there is shame or embarrassment. When the Word of G-d is not the authority in our lives, when we don’t approach Scripture as the truth of G-d, to obey it, then the outcome will be division, and division brings about scandalous activity. Obedience to G-d’s Word brings purity, holiness, and the goodness of G-d into our lives. 
  • Avoid them: Their desire is to turn us away from the truth of G-d.

v18: (They) do not serve our L-rd Messiah Yeshua: If we deny the truth/Word of G-d then we cannot serve Messiah as L-rd. It’s only through the Word of G-d that we can understand His L-rdship over us. 

  • Smooth words: The words that they utter seem so kind and gracious. But these words are a front for deceit. 
  • Simple: Naïve. Those who really do not think there is evil in this world. 

v19: Your obedience: Paul is talking about the obedience of this congregation in Rome.

  • Become known to all: This congregation had a good reputation with others in regard to their obedience to the Word of G-d. 
  • Wise: Paul wanted them to have an understanding of the will of G-d.
  • Evil: That which is against G-d’s will, opposed to G-d’s Word.

v20: Peace: Related to the fulfilment of G-d’s will. When we do G-d’s will (that which is good) then we are going to experience peace. 

  • Crush: In Paul’s day this was a word that alluded to making a road by crushing down rock so that people could pass over it in a chariot etc.
  • Crush satan…shortly (quickly): G-d makes peace by crushing satan, and He makes this change with speed. G-d crushing, destroying, satan under our feet is dependent upon us submitting to His Word. 

v21: Note: In this verse we are introduced to a different author – Tertius. He was Paul’s scribe, and here he wants to add a few comments of his own. Paul would have approved and agreed with this. Despite the fact that it wasn’t written by Paul it is obviously still Scriptural and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

  • My kinsmen: These men were of the same descent as Tertius. 

v22: Wrote this epistle: Paul, fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, spoke the words of this epistle and Tertius, his scribe, wrote all the words down as Paul dictated them to him. 

v23: The host of the whole church: Gaius was a very hospitable individual.

  • The treasurer (literally: manager) of the city: Erastus played a very important role within the city. 

v25: Note: This is the start of the benediction that ends off the book of Romans. 

  • My gospel: Paul frequently referred to the gospel in these terms (2 Tim 2:8, Roms 2:16). Paul was referring to the gospel that he had received directly from Messiah Yeshua. 
  • The preaching of Messiah Yeshua: The focus of the gospel, the real gospel, is about the preaching of Messiah Yeshua (revealing His personhood, who He is as the Son of G-d, His work as the Redeemer etc). 
  • The mystery: This mystery was in regard to Messiah crucified – a suffering Messiah. This mystery is that G-d would become human flesh in order to do the work of redemption.

v26: By the prophetic Scriptures has been made known: When we look at the prophetic Scriptures, we see that they point to a suffering Messiah. We can learn a lot about the person and work of Messiah through prophecy. 

  • Obedience to the faith: G-d (like with the covenant He made with Abraham) brings things into order by faith. Faith is responding to the truth of G-d. It is faith that brings about obedience in our lives. 

v27: Note: This book of Romans concludes with a statement of praise. 

  • To G-d alone wise: G-d is the only One who is perfectly wise. If we truly believe this, then we are going to listen to G-d. He is the One who knows what we need, and He communicates this to us through His perfect, inerrant, Word. 

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