The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 1

We go on to Romans 5:1-5

Every believer has a hope of being brought into the Kingdom of G-d and experiencing G-d’s presence for eternity. Every believer can know and experience the promises and blessings of G-d. 

v1: Justified by faith: When we, out of faith, receive the gospel, the consequence is that G-d justifies us – declares us righteous. This means that G-d deals with the problem of sin, perfectly forgiving us, from a Kingdom standpoint. As believers, G-d no longer sees the sin in our lives, but instead He sees the righteousness of His Son. This is an assurance we can have. 

  • Peace: We experience peace as an outcome of being in G-d’s will. 
  • Through our L-rd: We cannot experience peace through our own means. 

v2: Through whom…we have access: Through Yeshua we have access to G-d the Father. This access puts us in contact with everything good, G-dly and righteous – everything that is connected to the will of G-d. Those who have been justified want to see sin removed from their lives – not only the eternal consequence of sin, but the day-by-day empowerment to not have to live in sin while in this life. We are unable to justify ourselves. We need G-d’s intervention. Likewise, we need access to G-d’s provision to steer clear of sin in our lives. It  

is only when we have been justified by faith that we can have access to G-d’s provision in order that we can serve Him faithfully, carrying out His purposes, desires and will in our lives. 

  • Grace: This is the source of the provision we have from G-d. We have a narrow understanding of grace if we only think of it in regard to salvation. G-d’s grace does save us. Through His grace we find forgiveness of our sins and reconciliation with G-d. But G-d’s grace is not limited to salvation. G-d’s grace also works in our lives to move us or compel us to do G-d’s will (Titus 2:11-14). Those who are saved are interested in doing G-d’s will, because they know that G-d’s will is the best plan for their lives. 
  • We stand: This word for ‘stand’ is written in the perfect. The moment we believed we stood before G-d in a manner in which G-d would receive us. That holds true for today and even into the future this is not going to change. When we stood, stand and will stand before G-d, He sees us as righteous through His Son. This does not change. Grace is sufficient for all of eternity, and by this grace we stand. 
  • Rejoice (Boast) in the hope: We have confidence and assurance as we know the outcome of G-d’s will. G-dly hope is never based upon desires that originate from within a human being. Meaning this: G-dly hope is not taking our own desires before G-d and asking Him to grant us our wishes. This is not an action or a behaviour associated with faith. Hope, a sure expectation, is connected to the promises of G-d. 
  • The glory of G-d: There is an inherent relationship between the Kingdom of G-d and the manifestation of His glory. G-d’s glory is seen in His Presence (2 Cor 4:6). 

v3: Not only that: The implication is that there is more to it than what we have studied up to this point (namely: reconciliation, justification by faith, the grace of G-d and access to the provision of G-d etc)

  • Glory in tribulations: Those who have been reconciled to G-d (friends of G-d) become enemies with the world (James 4:4). Those who are enemies with the world are going to experience conflict or tribulations (Acts 14:22). Going through tribulation does not merit or earn us a place in the Kingdom of G-d. We cannot earn our salvation by going through tribulation. However, before the Kingdom of G-d is established, the church, those who believe, are going to experience a great persecution, tribulation. 
  • Knowing: Not just knowing something theoretically or logically but knowing it experientially.
  • Perseverance: Endurance. An ability to continue walking in the will of G-d despite suffering for it (“Pushing through the pain”). Endurance is good. 

v4: Character: Many Bibles translate this word as ‘character’, but it is literally the word for documentation – having a testimony, having proof. As we endure faithfully, consistently walking in G-d’s will – despite what we’re experiencing – it documents or testifies of our faith in G-d. 

  • Hope: When others see that we are persevering and walking faithfully with G-d through suffering, that we have a good testimony, it produces hope in them. It is a testimony to them that we are willing to suffer or to do whatever is necessary to arrive in that Kingdom of G-d. This endurance is a testimony to others about the wonderful plans that G-d has for the future – His Kingdom plans for His people. 

v5: Does not disappoint: Hope is not something that is going to cause us to be ashamed. We know the character of G-d. He will deliver on what He has promised. 

  • Holy Spirit: Isaiah 59:20-21. The Messiah is the Redeemer. The outcome of redemption is an eternal, covenantal relationship with G-d. The evidence of this eternal covenant is the Spirit of G-d moving in our lives to bring about order and change. Everything in a believer’s life that is good, G-dly, righteous and pleasing to G-d is because of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

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