The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 2

We go on to Romans 5:6-11. 

v6: Without strength: Weak. This was the condition we were in when Messiah died for us. We were not strong in faith when Messiah did this for us. We were weak spiritually, unacceptable. We were not examples of people who were well pleasing to G-d. There was nothing praiseworthy in our lives. We were not righteous, but rather ungodly. 

  • Due time: G-d’s timing. The time or season that G-d had determined. This timing was seen and revealed by the prophets. Messiah came and He died at the right time, a discernible time, according to prophecy. 
  • Ungodly: You and I.  

v7: Scarcely: Rarely. Infrequently. Not common.

  • Scarcely for a righteous man will one die: Someone might be willing to lay down his life or live sacrificially for a good person – but this would be very rare. 

v8: G-d demonstrates His own love toward us: As believers, this is the example we have been called to follow. We need to demonstrate our love for others. The commandments teach us how to demonstrate love to others. 

  • While we were still sinners Messiah died for us: This is the gospel (good news) in a nutshell.

v9: Having now been justified: Having been made righteous.

  • Blood: Blood has to do with redemption. It is only through death, the death of Messiah, that we experience redemption. We need to be humble enough, and wise enough, to confess that we have sinned, that we have fallen short of the glory of G-d, that we are in need and absolutely dependent upon G-d’s mercy (needing to receive His grace through faith).  
  • Be saved: Written in the passive. We cannot do this for ourselves. It is something that is done for us and is something we receive. When we have faith in what Messiah has done (the work of shedding His blood) His blood redeems us and justifies us – it makes us righteous in G-d’s sight. 
  • Wrath: This chapter makes it very clear that we are not safe from tribulation, earthly suffering or persecution (Roms 5:3). As children of G-d, we are called to boast, glory, rejoice in these trials (1 Peter 3:14, James 1:2-3). This verse makes it very clear, however, that when we believe, through Messiah, we are saved from the wrath of G-d (1 Thess 5:9).
  • Through Him: Through Messiah’s work on the cross.

v10: Saved by His life: Commentators say this is a reference to Messiah’s resurrection. His death brought about reconciliation (a relationship) between man and G-d, but His resurrection brings about salvation (resurrection testifies to victory). When we are reconciled to G-d (saved, in the primary sense of the word) He does not instantly remove us from this world and take us to be with Him. (For most of us) He leaves us in this world, as we need to demonstrate our salvation while we are still alive on this earth (Phil 2:12). Victory over sin, through obedience to G-d, is the second purpose of salvation. 

v11: Not only (that): There is more!

  • We have… received the reconciliation: This is a foundational truth – we have been reconciled to G-d. We are His people. He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. This is the good news of the gospel. 

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